Congratulations, Empress Chapter 72 Who’s a Hoodlum? Part 1/2

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“I already have what I want.” Chunyu Yan stroked his lips, revealing an evil and charming smile.

Please forgive Hua Jinglan for her profanity. She really thought someone smiled like a **. That ** expression was lacking tyrannical! [It said ** in the raws]

“Lan’er’s lips… tasted good!”

In the time it took to strike a flint, Hua Jinglan had already snatched up the dagger and flew forwards. Chunyu Yan leveraged his weight and his body tilted backwards. He kicked a chair flying.

“You dare to be a hoodlum with this Gunainai [literally “Great Aunt,” used arrogantly or jocularly]?!” Hua Jinglan shouted. The dagger ruthlessly flew towards Chunyu Yan’s neck, even though he just gifted it a minute ago.

Chunyu Yan waved back ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu. He gracefully dodged Hua Jinglan. She always thought that this man’s martial arts weren’t bad, even better than that ZhuQue-ranked intruder that night. But he had no Qi flowing around him. It was baffling.

Her eyes met his. Hua Jinglan immediately became angry. She disorderly leapt forwards. Chunyu Yan didn’t hide or dodge. He firmly caught her and smiled, “Don’t fall down.”

He finished speaking and was pressed onto the ground, with Hua Jinglan on top of him. She then bit his lips.

The sound of air sharply being taken in fell in succession. Chunyu Yan was stunned. ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu were more speechless. Jiaoyue and Chuyun covered their faces. This wasn’t suitable for children.

Hua Jinglan touched her lips and sat up. She smiled, “Whoever dares to play hoodlum with this Gunainai, this Gunainai will play hoodlum with him!”

Chunyu Yan wanted to laugh, but a dark light flashed across his eyes. He stopped and said, “You can only say these words to me.”


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