Congratulations, Empress Chapter 71 Gifting a Dagger Part 2/2

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“Where’s the dining room?” The beautiful woman lifted her legs and walked away from his side.

Let’s put whatever love affair between sentimental men and women aside. The concubines’ hearts settled back into their stomachs.

The fragrant smell of alcohol wafted over from far away. Chunyu Yan held the banquet in a pavilion. The pavilion only had two seats. The concubines formed a circle outside the pavilion. Chunyu Yan became the moon surrounded by the stars in his seat.

Hua Jinglan really couldn’t understand ancient people’s hobby of being watched by onlookers while they eat. Especially by a bunch of wolves and tigers acting coquettish.

Hua Jinglan tilted her head back and drank some Hongyan wine. The taste was sweet and fresh and the smell was strong. It held a continuous charm. No wonder it was such a valuable wine.

She raised her eyebrows. She looked at Chunyu Yan and smiled, “You invited me only for the wine?”

Chunyu Yan drank some wine. Then he pushed a box that was next to him over to Hua Jinglan. “Benwang heard the other day that you and fourth sister were fighting over a dagger. It so happened that someone gave Benwang a dagger. I’m giving it to you.”

An exquisite dagger, the length of a palm and the width of two fingers, lay in the center of the box. Hua Jinglan’s eyes brightened. She stroked the dagger and asked, “What do you want?”


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