Congratulations, Empress Chapter 69 Inverting Right and Wrong, Part 1/2

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Hua Jinglan looked coldly at Miao Luoxiang and clearly asked, “What can I do for you?”

Miao Luoxiang walked forwards and loudly said, “Initiate the family laws!”

The servants all looked solemn. Hua Jinglan tilted her head to see what thing she would bring out.

A servant besides Cui XiuLin brought a box over. Miao Luoxiang wiped her hands with a handkerchief handed over by a maidservant before opening the box. She pulled out a sword.

Miao Luoxiang’s eyes held bitter resentment. She berated, “Hua Jinglan, how dare you not kneel seeing the previous Emperor’s Demon-Slaying Sword!”

Hua Jinglan didn’t hold back and laughed. Under Miao Luoxiang’s gaze, she laughed more rampantly. “You say kneel and I kneel. Who do you think you are?”

Miao Luoxiang was angry and raised the sword high. “When the previous Emperor bestowed this sword, he said it could cut down demons and ghosts. Hua Jinglan, even if I kill you today, it would not be excessive!”

“As you wish,” Hua Jinglan lightly said. “But I will not stand still for you to kill. Perhaps I might accidentally resist and cut your head open…You know that things are impermanent. Look at Hua Wanyu. In the morning, she might have been a future Empress, but at night, she’s Yecheng’s laughingstock.”

Miao Luoxiang’s eyes flashed a murderous air. She loudly shouted, “Someone hold her down!”

Four sturdy servants rushed over. Hua Jinglan coldly sneered. She moved and four cold lights flashed. The ground had four corpses!

In an instant, Hua Jinglan was holding a bloody, dripping dagger in front of Miao Luoxiang.


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