Congratulations, Empress Chapter 67 The Walls Have Ears, Part 1/2

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Hua Wanyu returned back to her courtyard and broke out into a cold sweat. Because she did not change her clothes on time, the early spring wind made her catch a cold.

Miao Luoxiang that she was heartbroken over the marriage cancellation. She made a bowl of bird’s nest porridge and went to her room.

“Mother…” Hua Wanyu couldn’t help but cried.

Miao Luoxiang hugged and petted her back. “Good daughter, marrying into a noble family is like sinking into the ocean. The Royal family might not necessarily be good.”

Miao Luoxiang found that she was shaking. She picked her up in surprise, “Wanyu, what’s the matter with you?”

Hua Wanyu was pale white. She clutched her sleeve and shivered, “Mother, I’m scared…”

“Scared of what?” Miao Luoxiang said, “You are Hua fu’s xiaojie. Who dares to give you trouble? I’ll go find him!”

Hua Wanyu shook her head, “It’s Hua Jinglan. She wants to kill me!”

Miao Luoxiang was startled. She hesitantly smiled, “Her? She wouldn’t dare…”

“It’s true!” Hua Wanyu anxiously spoke, “Hua Jinglan was pretending. She was pretending not to know martial arts! A few days ago, brother traded moves with her and he suffered internal injuries. She always pretended she couldn’t fight, but that day she clearly exposed a Scarlet Snake! She said she’s going to kill me at the Martial Arts Conference! It’s true!”

Miao Luoxiang saw how scared her daughter was and was no longer suspicious. “I’ll go tell your father. Let him control that wench!”

“No!” Hua Wanyu grabbed her arm. “I promised brother I would not tell father. You must not tell him. It’s fine as long as you tell father I’m sick and can’t participate in the Martial Arts Conference!”


“Mother!” Hua Wanyu raised her voice to yell, “Don’t you love me anymore?!”

“Okay okay, as you want, as you want!”

The wind blew. The gloomy Hua BaiXiang standing at the door turned away.


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