Congratulations, Empress Chapter 66 Whispered Threats in the Ear, Part 2/2

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Hua Wanyu was stunned. The hand that was on her whip did not dare to move.

Hua Jinglan stood up and swept off a few pear petals from her skirt. She smiled evilly, “You really act as if you are destined to be an Empress?”

Hua Wanyu bit her lower lip and looked angrily at her. “The Grand Abbot said…”

“Tut tut tut, really pitiful…” Hua Jinglan interrupted her, “You don’t know why they withdrew from the marriage?”

“Your destined-to-be-an-Empress life…was made up by me…” She lowered her voice at the last sentence and made a “silence” gesture.

Hua Wanyu finally couldn’t help but cried two lines of tears. Her whole body was trembling.

Hua Jinglan lifted her hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. She held her shoulder and slightly bent over. She stared into her eyes and said, “Hua Wanyu, I pulled you up to throw you down more ruthlessly. You must remember this clearly. The pie you pick up might have poison I put in.”

Hua Wanyu wanted to move. But the hand on her shoulder contained an oppressive force. She could not avoid Hua Jinglan’s line of sight!

The light surged. Hua Jinglan shallowly smiled. Her voice was low and spoke close to her ear, “Do you know why I repeatedly put up with you? That’s because I’m waiting for an opportunity…”

Hua Wanyu’s eyes shone cold and stared dead at her.

Hua Jinglan’s lips moved and spat out the remainder of the sentence, “…an opportunity to kill you…!”


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