Congratulations, Empress Chapter 64 We Each Get What We Need, Part 1/2

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Hua Jinglan weakly woke up. Her nose smelled a faint scent of sandalwood. She sat up straight and found her body was not as painful as she imagined. She saw a white handkerchief embroidered with a “Yan” character in red thread.

“The desert sand is like snow, Yan mountain’s moonlight is high…” She absentmindedly recited this poem without noticing.

As she came back to her sense, she gently smiled and put down the handkerchief. This Chunyu Yan was only missing loud gongs and drums to tell the whole world that it was him who saved Hua Jinglan’s life!

At this time, Mei Er tiredly returned. He opened the door and was surprised to see Hua Jinglan already out of bed.

Hua Jinglan mad a “hush” gesture. She lowered her voice, “Let them sleep. We’ll talk outside.”

Outside, Mei Er breathed a sigh of relief, “Xiaojie’s face looks better.”

“Mei Er, spread out what Miao Luoxiang and Hua Wanyu did at Qing Quan Temple. Also, the things that happened to me in Hua Fu [Manor, noble house] need to be spread out too. You can only add news but not leave out anything. Do you understand?”

Mei Er nodded, “Mei Er understands.” Then he hurried away.

Hua Jingland looked up at the bright sun and faintly smiled.


 “Chunyu, you lost!” A silver-haired woman took advantage that the person was drinking tea to quickly steal chess pieces.

A man dressed in red lazily put down his tea cup. His phoenix eyes smiled, “JiuXue, you’re being bad again.”

Although the woman called JiuXue had silver hair, her face was smooth and her skin was unblemished. She looked to be only sixteen years old. “I don’t want to be lectured by you,” she pouted.

“Let’s talk about your upcoming marriage then?” Her eyes rounded, full of curiosity.


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