Congratulations, Empress Chapter 63 A Thief in the Night, Part 1/2

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The people in the courtyard followed Hua Wanyu and left. For a moment, only Hua Jinglan was left with with Jiaoyue and Chuyun. Hua Jinglan could no longer hold on and sprayed out a mist of blood. Her body fell backwards!

Jiaoyue and Chuyun were anxious and afraid but could not move. Mei Er suddenly appeared in the courtyard. He first took Hua Jinglan’s pulse and then sealed her acupuncture points. He carried her into the room and came back outside to treat the two’s injuries.

“Is Xiaojie alright?” Jiaoyue asked urgently.

Mei Er’s face was serious. “How do we find the person who had given her the pill?”

“Go to Linglong Towers to find Suhuan jiejie [Literally older sister, can be used to denote closeness]. She knows!”

Mei Er looked at the pale Hua Jinglan, “Don’t touch Xiaojie. I’ll go find the person.”

Mei Er went out for a whole day and came back at night. He brought hot foods with him. Jiaoyue wanted to feed Hua Jinglan soup, but the latter spat it out. Jiaoyue couldn’t help but cry.

Mei Er patted her shoulder, “Xiaojie will be fine. She’s just unconscious.”

“But Xiaojie scares people like this…” Chuyun said in a small voice.

“She’ll be fine by tomorrow. You two first go eat something. She may have a fever at night. Take care of her carefully,” Mei Er said. “I will wait for news at Linglong Towers.”

Jiaoyue and Chuyun looked at each other and were not willing to eat the food on the table.


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