Congratulations, Empress Chapter 62 Both Sides Lose Part 2/2

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Hua Wanyu was confident in her identity and wanted to say something back. But she was grabbed by Hua Feisheng and dragged directly out of the West Courtyard.

“Big brother, why are you pulling me…?”

Hua Wanyu did not finish speaking before Hua Feisheng couldn’t help it anymore and spat out a mouthful of blood. He hastened to regulate his Qi to recuperate. It took awhile before color returned to his face.

Hua Wanyu was scared. She hurriedly asked, “Big brother, are you okay?!”

Hua Feisheng said darkly, “How many times did I tell you not to provoke her? Were you listening?!”

“She was a Princess, but now she is nothing!” Hua Wanyu’s voice lowered under his glare. “I’m about to marry the Crown Prince. I might even be the Empress in the future. Why should I lower myself in front of her…?”

“Stupid!” Hua Feisheng berated, “You’re not the Empress now and even if you are, so what? You keep on provoking Hua Jinglan. If wants to kill you, how many times can I save you?!”

Hua Wanyu also had lingering fears. She hurriedly smiled apologetically, “Big brother, I know I’m wrong. I won’t do it again.”

“Big brother, in the end, what is Hua Jinglan’s rank?”

Hua Feisheng pondered, “Although it wasn’t fully formed, from the sounds, it is the rank of Scarlet Snake.”

“Not as high rank as big brother’s right?” Hua Wanyu smiled.

Hua Feisheng shook his head. “My rank may be higher than her, but her beast’s shape is 3.3 meters tall. Mine is only one. Compared together, I might not win.” Hua Feisheng thought in his heart. He had never heard of someone with a beast shape more than 3.3 meters tall. Hua Jinglan’s future was limitless!


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