Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 16 Part 4/5

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 “Really? Liars who are found out will be expelled!” The other side stared skeptically at Pei BuFan’s collar. “Not even an equality contract?”

Pei BuFan nodded firmly.

The peach blossom demon wrote a final X in her scroll. She said in a low voice, “The cultivator must be stupid.” A cultivator bought a beast egg in order to form a contract with the beast. After all, when a beast grew up, it wouldn’t be easy to form a contract. The better a beast’s constitution, the harder it would be to sign a contract with it. This beast that can almost transform completely into a human still had not sign a contract? Did the cultivator think that it wouldn’t run away by putting a collar on it?

Now it came to join a sect. After a bit, it wouldn’t have anything to do with that cultivator anymore.

The peach blossom demon was too lazy to care. She gave Pei BuFan a small jade ornament. “Arrive at Tianwu Sect three days later.”

Pei BuFan threw the jade ornament into the small bundle the system provided and quickly left.

“Where to go next?”

 System: [Go back.]

“No.” Pei BuFan whined. “I haven’t played enough yet.”

[The Deformed Card’s time limit is up.]

Pei BuFan’s body stiffened.

System: [Task: Asking the host to appease the enraged protagonist

Completion Reward: 2000 Experience

10 Gold

Deformation Card 1/4

Failure Penalty: Tethered with a dog chain]

“F*ck! Wait a minute!” Pei BuFan paused. “Is that punishment by the system or by the protagonist?”


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