Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 16 Part 3/5

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The peach blossom demon looked at him with eyes that said “you’re joking with me.” Usually plants and small animals came over for Demon Cultivation. Of course, there were inherited species, but that was a minority. But the chai cat species couldn’t obtain spiritual wisdom no matter how long they took. Not to mention speech and transforming into a human form. For example, if one nourished an egg every day with spiritual energy, at most it would hatch into a chicken that wouldn’t get lost and not a phoenix!

Pei BuFan also knew his answer was a bit lacking. He said in embarrassment, “They think I’m a chai cat. I also don’t know…”

The peach blossom demon shrugged. She wrote, ‘Cat form.’ Just another one who couldn’t tell what he was. It wasn’t strange. What was so good about the beast race? So what if was easy for them to obtain spiritual wisdom, take on a human form, and produce offspring? They still couldn’t tell who their ancestors were?!

“Are you in a contract?”

“Eh… can I not join if I’m in a contract?”

The peach blossom demon lifted her head and came close. “You really don’t know anything. Okay~~ This jiejie [literally: older sister, can be used to denote familiarity] will kindly explain it to you.”

Pei BuFan: Sorry he was fooling around with the protagonist on a sh*tty road so he didn’t pay attention!

“As you know, there are many humans who like making contracts with spirit beasts. That’s not a big issue. Humans have contracts with other humans, such as owner and slave contract, equality contract, partnership contract, transaction contract, and so on. So even a beast that had been raised by a human since birth can join the sect! If you’re in an owner and slave contract, then you can associate with the outer door of the sect. An owner and slave contract is the equivalent to being branded as the owner’s. Between the sect and the master, you can only choose the owner. Of course, even if you entered the sect’s inner door, but signed an owner and slave contract, you have to leave Tianwu Sect.”

Pei BuFan naturally knew that humans had contracts amongst themselves. Zhong Yanqing, who joined a big family, signed an equality contract.

“I didn’t sign a contract,” Pei BuFan replied.


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