Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 16 Part 2/5

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The peach blossom demon became irritated. The two dots on my chest are almost revealed! Can’t you just take a look?! This is my first time meeting a man who’s so hard to seduce!!

Pei BuFan sighed. “There’s no handsome men…” Everyone was female.

The peach blossom demon hated she couldn’t scratch him to death. She thought and twisted her body. Her gender suddenly changed.

Plants were originally hermaphrodites!

Indeed, after Pei BuFan saw her becoming a “he,” his eyes immediately stared straight at her.

The peach blossom demon’s heart was proud. Her charm was high. No person would be un-fascinated by her. But who knew that in the next moment, Pei BuFan’s expression became disinterested? The angry peach blossom demon wanted to grab him by the collar and ask him which kind he actually liked.

Pei BuFan: Since I met Gong Yi, I have a psychological shadow towards these outwardly attractive people.

The peach blossom demon fiercely gnashed her teeth. “Why are you here?!” She didn’t want to seduce him anymore. It was too tiring!

“I want to sign up!” Pei BuFan looked at her like he was looking at an idiot.

The peach blossom demon went mute. She huffily took out a scroll of silk. She held the brush and prepared to write. “Name?”

“Pei BuFan.”


“… chai cat?”


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