Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 15 Part 6/6

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The Pei BuFan who ran away from home did not have the slightest bit of a guilty conscience. Instead, he was very happily jumping and running. If he could speak, he would be humming a song.

Tianwu Sect~~ Tianwu Sect~~

Demon Cultivation [Yao Xiu] and Devil Cultivation [Mo Xiu]~~

This Ye is coming~~~

The cultivation sect that valued beauty the most was Qingyu Lou. Then it was Tianwu Sect who specialized in Demon Cultivation and Devil Cultivation. Not only were the women beautiful, but the men were handsome too! The second half was the important part!

Also, he might very well see a handsome dog demon with long white hair, pointed ears, and menacing golden pupils!!! That was his male god!!

He would profit even if he just purely admires!

“System, how do I get to Tianwu Sect?” He completely threw Ziche DuanYuan to the back of his mind. Pei BuFan swished his tail. “Give me a little arrow~”

System: You expect me to help you after you cursed at me so much earlier?!

“Hey! If you want me to work, at least give me a goal!”

The system reluctantly said: [It’s too far. Your short little legs can’t run there.]

Pei BuFan: =a=

A small arrow appeared in front of him. It firmly pointed west.

[This is Tianwu Sect’s recent recruiting area.]

“At least you still have a conscience.” Pei BuFan lifted his butt and ran quickly in that direction.

The suffering and hardworking system that did not receive a word of thanks: “……”


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