Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 15 Part 4/6

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Pei BuFan looked at him. Then he shuffled and pointed his butt at Ziche DuanYuan. He was too lazy to explain.

What was there to explain? The male Pei BuFan before meeting the person he liked naturally did not understand not eating someone who sent himself to his door. It wasn’t like you had to marry him! He felt that he was thinking for the sake of Ziche DuanYuan and his cultivation. Ziche DuanYuan not appreciating it was fine. But why was he angry? If you don’t want Gong Yi, then you don’t want him. Did Pei BuFan grab his neck and forced him to bring Gong Yi along? Fine, he had no choice in the Secret Territory. But did the protagonist wanted to embrace a naked cat?!

Let’s not speak of integrity with him. Since Pei BuFan was the creator of Ziche DuanYuan, he was very clear on the latter’s personality. He may look elegant and refined on the surface, but Ziche DuanYuan wasn’t much different from a beast. Along his cultivation path, he picked up many shous [the bottom in a homosexual relationship].

(The author smiles evilly: You better not let the protagonist find out your thinking in this lifetime. Otherwise… Pei BuFan.)

Ziche DuanYuan did not receive a response and was treated coldly. Ziche DuanYuan was sullen. He left Pei BuFan alone in the room and left to do his own things.

After a period of silence, Pei BuFan slowly twisted his little head. After ascertaining that the person was gone, he reached into the package and pulled out the Deformed Card. He selected “Use.”

His body had the painful sensation of being pulled apart. It was so “refreshing” that Pei BuFan had a face full of tears.

This fraudulent system! It didn’t make it painless!!

[The first time will be a little painful.]



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