Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 15 Part 3/6

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Because of this, Pei BuFan ignored Ziche DuanYuan.

Ziche DuanYuan knew he was angry. He had not thought of words to comfort his “pet” yet, when he heard a delicate voice. “Does master need hot water?”

It was daytime. We don’t need water to wash our faces or bathe. Why do we need hot water!!

Hearing Gong Yi’s voice, Ziche DuanYuan, who was in a good mood, turned gloomy. Pei BuFan was angry. Now, Ziche DuanYuan was angry too.

“No!” Ziche DuanYuan coldly replied.

Prominent families’ descendants going to cultivate was equivalent to rich families sending their kids to aristocratic schools. Although it was not explicitly stated that they were forbidden from bringing attendants, how many actually brought servants along? It wasn’t to the point where they couldn’t take care of themselves. They could take care of little things on their own. So who would bring attendants along?

In other sects, such as the Youran Sect with lots of disciples, it wasn’t surprising that some spoiled brats and dandies would bring servants along. And it would be rare for those in Qingyu Lou, who didn’t take the long, proper road, to not have servants with them. But Jianxian Valley was the hardest place to cultivate among all the sects. Not one of the people here could not endure hardships. Bringing a pet was understandable. But Ziche DuanYuan was probably the only one to bring an attendant along. Thus, the people who brought him to his house over earlier looked at him strangely.

The Gong Yi outside the house heard Ziche DuanYuan not only refused, but didn’t even open the door. He was not willing to give up just like that. He said, “Then does master need anything else…”

“Nothing! Scram!”

Gong Yi heard that Ziche DuanYuan’s voice contained anger. He was so scared that he immediately ran away. He didn’t show his face for a day.

Ziche DuanYuan was getting angrier and angrier. He asked, “Why did you bring him here?”


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