Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 15 Part 2/6

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Seeing the shiny knife finally move away from his little neck, Pei BuFan collapsed weakly on the bed. He almost peed himself.

Ziche DuanYuan grabbed Pei BuFan and turned him around and around. But he did not see a buckle. This thing appeared on Pei BuFan when they left the Secret Territory. He had asked Pei BuFan, but the latter’s answer was exceedingly vague. But one thing was clear: Pei BuFan was not willing to wear it. However, it just wouldn’t come off! In fact, Ziche DuanYuan did not dislike the collar. He even felt that the black cat with a light-colored collar was very **. [It said ** in the raws.] The only thing he was unhappy about was that he didn’t personally give this collar to Pei BuFan.

Since Pei BuFan was “born” in Ziche DuanYuan’s hands, Pei BuFan was regarded as his possession. Even after they fought together and discovered that they were both reborn did not change Ziche DuanYuan’s point of view.

He was too self-absorbed!

Ziche DuanYuan pondered a bit. He reached his hand and hooked a finger under Pei BuFan’s unusual collar. The small knife came out and engraved something on the bell.

Pei BuFan was scared into a cold sweat. Dage, keep your hand steady…

After a while, the protagonist put the knife down. “Good.”

Pei BuFan’s little paws scratched for a while, but could not see what was engraved on the bell.

The kindhearted system pointed out: [“This cat belongs to Ziche DuanYuan” is on the Cute Meow Meow Bell Collar.]

Pei BuFan: …F*ck! You think this is a dog tag?! Do you want this Ye to write down his address, dage!!


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