Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 14 Part 3/5

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Ziche DuanYuan’s face was ugly to look at. He emitted a “stay away” air.

“What is it?” The tone was also very cold. But Gong Yi pretended he did not notice and put on a face of deep love. He suddenly thought that maybe Ziche DuanYuan did not like him like that so his face immediately changed. His gestures imitated Zhong Yanqing. But this made Ziche DuanYuan even more annoyed.

“Yi’er…” The half-spoken words immediately changed. “I want to follow you.”

 “Follow me?” Ziche DuanYuan coldly sneered. He looked Gong Yi up and down. “What use do you have?”

“Yi… I have a pure yin body…” The words weren’t spoken yet, but Ziche DuanYuan walked around him to leave.

A pure yin body was indeed attractive to him. But in front of Pei BuFan, he couldn’t let himself and Gong Yi have the slightest intimate relationship.

He subconsciously did not want him and Pei BuFan to be in disaccord. He also didn’t want anyone to be closer to him than Pei BuFan. Even if it was just a physical relationship, he still didn’t want to.

In his previous life, Ziche DuanYuan and Zhong Yanqing travelled and he was harmed. At that time, the people around him only threw rocks at him while he was down a well. No one was willing to help him. When his spiritual root was abolished and he became an ordinary person, he tried everything to return to the Ziche family. But he couldn’t even enter the front door. The guard even said, “A beggar dares to impersonate Ziche DuanYuan?” He eventually died tragically on the streets.

No one was willing to help him.

Not to mention sacrificing one’s life to help him.

But Pei BuFan was willing to.

Pei BuFan: This lord was forced!! Being killed by the spider and being obliterated by the system was all the same! If this lord sacrificed his life but got you out, then it wouldn’t be a loss! At least one out of two of us survived!


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  1. shinon134 December 29, 2019 / 5:18 pm

    Poor Pei BuFan 😅 but you are too cute for protagonist to resist you and choose someone else 😂

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