Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 14 Part 5/5

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“It really is DuanYuan. Let me see. Oh, you’ve grown up. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve seen you. The last time I saw you, you were in diapers. This…” Ding Ruojian gestured and his eyes landed on the black cat. He suddenly clapped his hands and pointed to the black cat. “Yes! You were like this big! If you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t have recognized you with this face! What a big change (nonsense)! But your eyes are like your mother’s. Oh, is your mother doing okay? If I didn’t have to enter seclusion that year, how would Yuan’er (DuanYuan’s mother’s name) marry that block of wood?! No matter what, I’m obviously better! I can speak well and fight. If your mother married me, you would be my son. Tch, the son is already so big. Thinking about it blah blah…”

Yes, this immortal-looking Valley Master was a chatterbox!

Pei BuFan shrunk his head back. Two black paws covered his ears.

Ziche DuanYuan: “……” If he could have, he would have covered his ears too.

“…Senior Ding?” Ziche DuanYuan couldn’t tolerate it anymore and interrupted.

“Now I think that… Ai! Why are you calling me ‘senior?’ I’m about the same age as your father. Just call me ‘uncle!’ Speaking of… what are you doing here?” Ding Ruojian finally remembered to ask.

“…Seeking a master.” But he was starting to regret it now. This man didn’t seem very reliable.

Ding Ruojian frowned. “DuanYuan, Jian Xiu is not like Fa Xiu. It’s very difficult. Also, Jian Xiu is much harder than Fa Xiu.”

“I know,” Ziche DuanYuan firmly replied.

“Okay! I can accept you as my disciple. But you must tell me the reason why you switched from Fa Xiu to Jian Xiu first.”

“…My heart’s worries are too heavy,” Ziche DuanYuan unwilling said. “I can’t overcome my heart demon.”

“Heart’s worry?” Ding Ruojian gossiped. “Is it because of love?”

Ziche DuanYuan stared at him with dead-fish eyes.

“Okay, okay. Don’t say it then.” Ding Ruojian waved his hand. “If so, then accept me as your shifu [master]~~.”

“…Can I change to another one?”

“Of course…not!!” Ding Ruojian frowned. Other than the fact that he spoke too much, there was nothing bad about him. Why did everyone have a bitter-melon expression on their face when they heard he would be their shifu?!

Pei BuFan: You don’t understand Sun Wukong’s pain.***

***[The monkey king from Journey to the West. His shifu used pain to control him.]


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