Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 13 Part 4/5

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Seeing that Ziche DuanYuan wasn’t interested in his body’s constitution, not to mention being his partner, Gong Yi wasn’t even qualified to be a lover. Gong Yi panicked. He immediately rushed to kneel in front of Ziche DuanYuan. “This slave is willing to serve as you wish.”

Pei BuFan sort of couldn’t bear it. Gong Yi was snobby, but he originally had never done anything bad to the protagonist. And he had a pure yin body. If Ziche DuanYuan didn’t like him, then he could just play with him. He didn’t have to take him in. How could he just let Gong Yi freeload like that?! Don’t be wasteful, protagonist! Pei BuFan rubbed Ziche DuanYuan’s hand and gently meowed.

The protagonist’s body’s cold air turned colder. This little rascal dared to deceive him and say he didn’t like Gong Yi? If he didn’t like him, why would he do everything possible to let him stay?!

Ziche DuanYuan was depressed inside. He looked at Gong Yi and nodded.

Since Pei BuFan liked him, then so be it!! Ziche DuanYuan gritted his teeth. He wouldn’t be desperate!

The next day, Ziche DuanYuan brought a calling card to Jianxian Valley.

Jianxian Valley was located in a big valley with lush grass and blooming flowers in the south. The Valley had cliffs on three sides and faced the lake on the other. The buildings were mostly suspended in mid-air. Stones were on the cliffside. In the Valley, Jian Xiu was classified into different levels, with corresponding accommodations at different heights. The Valley was the highest level and the outer door was the lowest, with the disciples living on the ground.

Because Ziche DuanYuan’s father, Ziche Tianshi, was friends with Jianxian Valley Master Ding Ruojian, he used his name to visit and smoothly went to see the Master directly.

Ding Ruojian seemed to be a cold man wearing white. Jian Xiu’s path followed a killing Dao. But Ding Ruojian didn’t have a bit of killing spirit on him. Coupled with his cold and refined appearance, he seemed like someone who became an immortal.

If he didn’t agree…


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