Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 13 Part 3/4

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“It’s mine.” Ziche DuanYuan’s slender fingers lightly scratched Pei BuFan’s back. His light touch gave Pei BuFan goosebumps.

But he couldn’t complain about anything right now.

“500!” XingYuan splayed his hand. Ziche DuanYuan shook his head without hesitation.

 “Cough, cough.” XuRan coughed with all his strength. He looked at XingYuan. “If you want to buy a spirit beast, go outside and turn right. There’s a spirit beast egg shop there.”

XingYuan stared at Ziche DuanYuan and found that he really had no intentions to sell and was not waiting for him to raise the price. XingYuan sat dejected on his chair. Hearing XuRan’s words, he was angry and embarrassed. How was this beast like the others?! If this black cat wasn’t really special, would he… he… he fight with a junior over something?!

“Forget it.” XingYuan shook his head and sighed. “Little friend DuanYuan, don’t mind me. I’m normally alone. I saw that this cat was really cute. I just wanted him to play with me. There’s no other meaning.”

Everyone: Who the hell will believe you?!

“Haha, junior naturally does not mind.” Yeah, right!

“I remember there’s still a Ziche child with a single root. Who is it?” XuRan lightly coughed and began to change the subject.

Behind the crowd, Zhong Yanqing’s eyes lit up. He slowly pushed his way to the front. He then went forwards when Ziche Wenqing spoke his name.

XuRan Zhenren looked at Zhong Yanqing and said some polite words.

Even so, Ziche Wenqing patted Zhong Yanqing’s shoulder happily. He loudly praised, “This child Yanqing’s aptitude isn’t bad. He has a single thunder root. He normally has good insight in cultivation. He’s a good seedling. Don’t you think so, LiangXing?”


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