Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 13 Part 2/4

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“Puh!” XuRan Zhenren was not prepared and sprayed out a mouthful of wine.

The XingYuan Zhenren sitting opposite him looked at him with disgust and took a step back.

Pei BuFan heard XingYuan Zhenren’s words and immediately stiffened. Because of these words, everyone’s attention turned to the cat in Ziche DuanYuan’s arms.

Ziche Wenqing asked, “If you didn’t say, I wouldn’t have noticed. DuanYuan, where did you get this chai cat?”

“It’s hatched from a purchased beast egg.”

“It’s not much use…” Ziche Wenqing didn’t finish speaking when XingYuan Zhenren said, “100 high-quality spirit stones. Sell it to me!”

Ziche Wenqing’s half of the sentence “throw it away” was immediately choked back. 100 high-quality spirit stones was enough to buy a common high-level spirit pet or a rare intermediate-level spirit pet. But XingYuan Zhenren wanted to buy a cat that could only be cute?

Was he blind?

That was certainly not possible. Anyone could be blind in this world, except for those from ZhanYan Ge. Not to mention, he was ZhanYan Ge’s great elder. There was no one more sharp-eyed than him. In this world, XingYuan Zhenren was all-seeing and the first person to know heavenly secrets. His small, squinting eyes weren’t big but they could “see” the future!

So, the things he wanted to purchase and with such a high price, could not be ordinary items.

But that black dumpling that was burying itself into a fat ball in Ziche DuanYuan’s arms looked like an ordinary chai cat!

XingYuan Zhenren’s eyes stared steadily at Ziche DuanYuan. Ziche DuanYuan was a bit unhappy. He finally got a satisfactory partner. And now it was being coveted by someone else…


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