Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 13 Part 1/4

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Aware of XingYuan Zhenren’s gaze, Ziche DuanYuan’s hand that was holding the cat tightened for a moment. He even tried to use his wide sleeves to hide the cat. XingYuan laughed and glanced at Ziche DuanYuan. Then he continued to stare at Pei BuFan.

Pei BuFan hated that he couldn’t bury himself into the male lead’s arms. XuRan lifted his wine glass. He looked at XingYuan and then once at Ziche DuanYuan. “Don’t know which sect friend DuanYuan wants to join?”

“I’m recently trying to cast a sword. I’m going to Jian Xiu.” The whole Ziche family was surprised. He was cultivating Fa Xiu well, so why did he suddenly want to change to Jian Xiu? There were so signs of this before.

XuRan sighed. “Pity. I wanted little friend to join my Youran Sect. This Sect Master even wanted to take you in as a direct disciple. What a pity.”

These words caused a bigger uproar. XuRan’s cultivation was high, but was unwilling to take in a disciple. This time, because Ziche DuanYuan took the initiative, XuRan was going to take him in as a direct disciple. Would Ziche DuanYuan still refuse?

“It is indeed a pity. I’ve long admired XuRan Zhenren.” Ziche DuanYuan slightly smiled. “But unfortunately, there is no affinity.”

Everyone: He really refused!!!

Ziche LiangXing didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. He was happy that DuanYuan’s words were appropriate and didn’t seek troubles. He was sad that such a rare opportunity was wasted. But he could not directly request XuRan to accept other Ziche descendants as his direct disciple. After all, XuRan wanted to take Ziche DuanYuan as a disciple. If he was sent disciples inferior than Ziche DuanYuan, then wouldn’t they be looking down on XuRan? Ziche LiangXing’s heart was in turmoil.

XuRan was not unhappy by Ziche DuanYuan’s refusal. He didn’t originally like taking in disciples. He asked this time because XingYuan’s interest in Ziche DuanYuan was so high that it provoked XuRan’s interest. After he asked, he had some regrets. Now that Ziche DuanYuan turned him down, it was in his favor.

How could the XuRan Zhenren who had not looked at the chai cat in Ziche DuanYuan’s arms know? XingYuan Zhenren’s glittering eyes were entirely focused on Pei BuFan.

Pei BuFan wanted to cry: Brother, you must behave yourself!! If your eyes have heat, this Ye [lord, master] would be burned to a crisp!!

Not only XuRan, but other people there have noticed that XingYuan Zhenren’s interest in Ziche DuanYuan was very heavy.

Looking at XingYuan Zhenren’s even brighter gaze, Ziche family’s eldest son, Ziche Wenqing asked himself if this Zhenren wanted to take in a disciple too. But ZhanYan Ge ultimately taking in disciples relied on “The Will of Heavens.” One must bid one’s time and never participate in those mass taking-in-disciples events. When affinity came, one would take the tortoiseshell copper plate, bamboo chopsticks, and white canvas (what’s wrong?) outside and pick people…

The Will of Heavens wasn’t always there. Timing relied on fate. Therefore, ZhanYan Ge had the smallest amount of members.

Just as everyone looked uneasily at XingYuan Zhenren, he finally opened his mouth.

XingYuan Zhenren’s first words to Ziche DuanYuan were, “The cat in your arms has really shiny fur.”


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