Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 57 Charity Part 2

“Why? That’s rude, Yangyang.”

 “Mother, grandmother said that she’s a cheap little wench. Grandmother doesn’t want Yangyang to talk to her. Mother, you shouldn’t talk to her either!” Zhao Yangyang said.

Zhao Yun’er’s face stiffened. Shen Pan’er quickly said, “Don’t be angry, Yun’er. Yangyang isn’t sensible. I’ll discipline him when we get back.”

 “It’s all right.” She wouldn’t bother with a child.

“Then I’m leaving, Yun’er,” Shen Pan’er said.


Zhao Yun’er returned home after saying goodbye to Shen Pan’er. At noon, they drank the rest of the bone broth from last night. Zhao Yun’er stir-fried the red braised pork and the mushrooms that she had just picked together. It was delicious.

The reason why Shen Pan’er said that country folks didn’t eat this was because there were a lot of mushrooms around. Secondly, they didn’t use any oil or seasoning, so plain stewed mushrooms certainly wouldn’t taste good.

Doudou liked what Zhao Yun’er made very much. He even ate a few bowls of rice.

In the afternoon, Zhao Yun’er continued to work on her own vegetable garden. The weeds were gone and the soil was loose. It was time to fertilize.

There wasn’t any fertilizer around, so Zhao Yun’er had to fertilize using the countryside’s fertilization methods.

Zhao Yun’er pulled out some soil and buried some straw inside. Then she lit it on fire. In the evening, she would spread the burnt straw and soil mixture evenly in the garden. Tomorrow, she could sell the mushrooms and buy some vegetable seeds. Then she could start growing vegetables.


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