Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 48 Shrew Part 2

It was quiet outside the house after Li Cuiying and Huo Chunhua left.

Zhao Yun’er breathed a sigh of relief. She wanted to be a virtuous lady, but her relatives forced her to be a shrew.

But this was good too. She didn’t care about her reputation anyway. When her reputation as a shrew spread, let’s see who would dare to mess with her.

“Second sister, you were amazing!”

“Mother, you’re so powerful ~ ”

The children were very excited after witnessing Zhao Yun’er’s victory. They were worried that Zhao Yun’er would suffer in Li Cuiying’s hands. But they didn’t expect that not even Huo Chunhua would be her opponent.

“Of course I’m powerful. If I’m not powerful, how will I protect Doudou?” Zhao Yun’er rubbed Doudou’s head and smiled.

They entered the house together. Zhao Yun’er wiped down the wounds on Zhao Tianfu’s body. The wounds shouldn’t be infected now. But he still needed to recuperate after such injuries.

It seemed that she had to make good things every day to supplement Zhao Tianfu’s body. At the same time, she would nourish Doudou’s body. Her current goal was to raise Doudou into a normal-sized child.

In the afternoon, Zhao Yun’er had nothing to do, so she continued drying tea leaves in the sun. She could probably stir-fry the tea leaves tomorrow.

She wasn’t very familiar with stir-frying tea leaves. She had seen some simple steps online, but she hadn’t done it before. She could only slowly give it a try now.

“Yun’er ~ ”

Zhao Yun’er stood in her yard and saw a woman a few years older than her come over. She had a basket over her arm with something inside.

She was Zhu San’er’s mother: Mulan.

“Mulan, what are you doing here?” Zhao Yun’er asked with a smile.


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