Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 48 Shrew Part 1

“That – Mother, listen to my explanation. I really didn’t buy any candy. Tianyu is speaking nonsense.” Li Cuiying had a bitter face as she spoke. Compared to arguing with that cheap little wench Zhao Yun’er, this matter was much more serious.

In the end, she was guilty. If she was completely honest, then she wouldn’t be afraid of Huo Chunhua searching her room.

There were still 100 or 200 coins in a cabinet in her room. Not only would Huo Chunhua take away the money, she would also scold her. It wouldn’t be so easy to save money in the future then.

Zhao Yun’er sneered and said, “Second aunt, you just said it. If you don’t have money to buy candy, then where did Tianyu get his candy from? Wouldn’t he, a child, be lying then?”

Li Cuiying glared angrily at Zhao Yun’er. She understood that this darned girl just schemed against her.

Great – She could certainly remember this grudge.

Zhao Yun’er turned and said to Huo Chunhua, “Grandmother, you heard it. You should know the truth in your heart now. So it’s best not to mess with me here or I won’t be polite!”

She then picked up the broom in front of her door to drive people away.

Huo Chunhua was still thinking if Li Cuiying really had a private stash of money, so how could she care about anything else? She saw Zhao Yun’er’s broom sweeping over and quickly ran off.

Li Cuiying was unreconciled. Her precious son was beaten up. However, she not only didn’t get anything back, but she also suffered.

“Let’s go. Let’s go, Tianyu!” Li Cuiying pulled Zhao Tianyu and ran off too.

On the way back, Li Cuiying couldn’t help but scold and curse Zhao Yun’er in front of Huo Chunhua. But Huo Chunhua reprimanded, “You don’t think you’re embarrassing enough? What are you still shouting about?”


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