Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 47 Secret Stash of Money Part 1

“Grandmother, remember what you said. I’m going to ask you who is unreasonable then.”

Zhao Yun’er took a deep breath and continued, “Second aunt says that I hit Tianyu. That did happen. I spanked him a few times because he did something wrong. I told him to apologize. He snatched my Doudou’s candy and pushed Doudou to the ground. Doudou’s skin is torn!

“As for his other injures, Tianfu couldn’t stand watching him snatch things, so the two children argued and started fighting. Tianfu’s injuries aren’t minor either. How is second aunt going to explain that to my parents then?”

Zhao Yun’er beckoned at Zhao Tianfu. Zhao Tianfu came over to her.

“Grandmother, you can see that Tianfu’s injures are more serious than Tianyu’s.”

Huo Chunhua took a look. She didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Tianyu was her grandson, but Zhao Tianfu was her grandson too. There was flesh on her palm and the back of her hand. She couldn’t favor one over the other.

Zhao Tianfu’s injuries did indeed seem more serious than Zhao Tianyu’s. The most important thing was that if Zhao Yun’er was telling the truth, then it was the second household’s fault.

“What are you talking about, Zhao Yun’er? When did my Tianyu snatch something? And it’s candy? Who doesn’t know that your family is so poor that you can’t even eat? Where do you have money to buy candy? You have to come up with a good reason if you want to lie!” Li Cuiying jumped away and scolded her from a safe distance.

Huo Chunhua also reacted. Zhao Yun’er was poor that she couldn’t even eat, so why would she have candy for Doudou to eat?

“Tianyu, tell me. Did you snatch Doudou’s candy?” Li Cuiying pulled Zhao Tianyu out.


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