Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 37 Buying Part 2

She then went to the market to buy pork. Pork cost fifteen coins per catty. Zhao Yun’er bought a catty and some big bones.

People in the modern times bought bones to boil bone soup to nourish the body. But people in the ancient times liked buying pork; the fatter the better. That was because they used too little oil when cooking. There was a lot of lard in pork, so they actually preferred the greasy flavor.

As a result, the big bones didn’t have much fat or meat on it. The price was three coins per catty.

Zhao Yun’er left and walked past a shop. There was a variety of very delicate and good-looking snacks and pastries emitting hints of fragrance inside.

Before leaving, she had promised the children to buy them something good to eat. It wouldn’t be bad if she bought them some snacks.

After entering the shop and inquiring, Zhao Yun’er then found out the price of these snacks and patries was higher compared to other things in this era. Under normal circumstances, only prominent or well-off people in the city could afford them.

A box of high-quality pastries was a few silvers, which was the equivalent to a few hundreds of coins.

Zhao Yun’er looked around and bought some candy. Children liked eating sweets and the price of the candy was within her price range. One catty cost twenty-five coins. She had the shopkeeper wrap it in yellow oil paper before leaving.

Everything was bought now. When she went to meet up with old man Hu, a few of the women hadn’t come back yet.

Old man Hu smiled kindly at her. “Yatou, you sold your things so fast?”


“Your basket is very full. You bought a lot of things!”

“I sold my things and used the money to buy some food.”


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