Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 37 Buying Part 1

“All right, guniang. Take care then. I’ll give you a discount the next time you come here!”


Zhao Yun’er carried her basket out of the shop and went to look at other places to see if there was anything else that she wanted to buy.

This was the first time that she had been to a place like this. She had only seen places like this before on TV. It felt very novel now that she was actually here. She looked around here and looked around there.

She didn’t eat breakfast, but she walked a lot, caught the thief, and carried a lot of things now. She sensed herself becoming exhausted. So, Zhao Yun’er stopped in front of a little stall to buy something to eat.

“Boss, how much are the buns?” She asked.

The boss smiled and said, “Guniang, two vegetable buns cost one coin. The meat buns are one coin each.”

Zhao Yun’er nodded. The price was almost the same as the 21st century. So, she said to the boss, “Boss, give me two vegetable buns and six meat buns.”

“Okay ~ ” The boss smile and wrapped the buns in a piece of oil paper before handing it to Zhao Yun’er. “Guniang, these are your buns.”

Zhao Yun’er handed seven coins over. She was going to eat the two vegetable buns. It would be enough for her. The meat buns were bought for Doudou and her brothers.

The ancient times was different than the modern times. There weren’t many opportunities to eat meat. One might not be able to eat meat even after a few months. For those in poorer households, they would basically eat meat only on New Year’s. Thus, meat buns in the countryside were definitely a luxury item.

Zhao Yun’er wasn’t hungry anymore after eating the two buns.


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