Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 36 A Beautiful Man Part 2

Her original good impression of this man completely disappeared with Mu Lianfeng’s words.

She turned around and handed Huang San over to the old man before leaving.

Mu Lianfeng stroked his chin in the horse carriage. He looked like his inerest had been piqued.

“Shizi, don’t blame this servant for talking too much. That countrywoman doesn’t understand anything and she was rude to you. Why are you so polite to her?” The coachman couldn’t help but ask.

“You talk too much!” Mu Lianfeng snapped.

He looked around at the spectators and couldn’t help but be curious. He had the coachman go inquire about what had happened.

He looked at Zhao Yun’er’s thin figure slipping away. His curiosity towards her depepened because of what she did.

She was clearly a woman, but she could do such a brave thing.

“Mu, let’s go,” Mu Lianfeng said.


The magnificent horse carriage slowly started moving.

Zhao Yun’er returned to the shop to retrieve her basket.

Even the shopkeeper admired Zhao Yun’er’s earlier actions. He said, “Guniang, you’re a really good person. So powerful!”

She smiled and said, “It’s nothing. I just can’t stand seeing a thief stealing things.” It was also her professional habit.

The shopkeeper nodded. “That’s true, but there aren’t many people who will help out like that. You have to be careful though, guniang. That Huang San knows a lot of local ruffians. He might bring you trouble in the future.”

Zhao Yun’er nodded.” Okay. Thank you for your advice. I will be careful.”


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