Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby Chapter 35 Shizi Part 1

The horse carriage skidded because of the sharp braking. The coachman nervously asked the person inside the horse carriage, “Are you okay, Shizi?”*

[Shizi = heir to a noble title]

A cold voice sounded from inside the horse carriage. “I’m fine.”

After the coachman exhaled in relief, he said to Zhao Yun’er in displeasure, “Woman, you actually dare to block Shizi’s way. Do you want to die?”

Zhao Yun’er was originally feeling a little guilty that she had almost caused a “car accident.” But she suddenly became angry when she heard this coachman’s fierce scolding.

Let’s not forget how the horse carriage was on a rampage and disregarded the satefy of the people on the street. But now, this coachman was actually reprimanding someone who couldn’t run away in time.

Zhao Yun’er looked calmly at the driver. “This street isn’t yours. Everyone can use it. Just because he’s a Shizi, he can oppress us? Hurry and apologize for what you just said!”

The coachman was dumbfounded as he looked at her. She was just a countrywoman dressed in plain clothing.

What an ignorant countrywoman!

“Apologize? Are you kidding me, little guniang? Anyone who sees our Shizi has to make way. You didn’t get out of the way and almost hurt our Shizi. Not arresting you and taking you to the yamen is already being kind to you!”

Zhao Yun’er thought it was a bit amusing. She raised her eyebrow and asked, “Then I want to know which law of our Great Zhou country states that we will be convicted if we don’t make way for a Shizi’s horse carriage?”

The Great Zhou country that Zhao Yun’er had transmigrated to didn’t exist in the history of her previous life. Great Zhou was peaceful, wealthy, and prosperous. The Emperor was also a good ruler. The governance of the country followed the laws. One could only be convicted if he violated one of Great Zhou’s laws, much like the 21st century.


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