Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 5 If She Doesn’t Want Face, She is Invincible [1], Part 1

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YuanQiu’s face changed. She inwardly scolded that if one didn’t want face, then one really was invincible.

Aunt Zhang coldly snorted. She pulled up her sleeves and said sharply, “Née Liu’s daughter-in-law really doesn’t want her face anymore. Her own son cheated YuanQiu’s money for so many years. He married someone else and now she still had the face to go to steal from someone else’s vegetable garden. How hateful.” She turned to YuanQiu and her brother. She softened her voice and reassured, “YuanQiu, don’t worry, Aunt will give you justice.”

YuanQiu hurriedly nodded her thanks. To deal with the Liu’s fourth household, she only let someone fierce fight against someone fierce. Aunt Zhang was undoubtedly the best opponent for the one from Liu’s fourth household.

YuanQiu recovered some strength so she neatly tidied up the needle pouch. She waved it in front of the doctor, “If you agree to bet, you must accept your losses. This needle pouch is mine now.”

The doctor hurriedly replied, “Naturally it is yours. But the needles are old. What if I buy you a new set?”

YuanQiu waved her hand, “There’s no need. They’re fine. They seem pretty new to me.”

The doctor had a bellyful of questions to ask, but YuanQiu hurriedly rushed with Aunt Zhang to the vegetable garden in the back.

Fourth Aunt Liu had already filled a basket to the brim. She even picked all the good vegetables and stepped all over the bad ones. She didn’t feel guilty at all, as if taking it for granted. She was swearing as she was picking vegetables, “I don’t know what how that darned girl tends her vegetables. These vegetables actually grew so well.” Thinking of her house’s wilting vegetable garden, she was filled with anger. She stomped a lustrous cabbage to a pulp.


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