Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 6 Don’t Go Too Far, Part 2

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After she changed her clothes, Rong Mi pulled Ming WuYan to Tianshan City’s high-class restaurant, Yipin Ju. She said she wanted to treat her to dinner because she was Rong Mi’s first friend.

Ming WuYan was was in high spirits. Dinner was taken care of. She also took this friendly girl as her first friend after she came to this world.

Rong Mi ordered lots of dishes, but before they were served, a loud commotion came from outside. A woman in white who floated like a fairy was escorted into Yipin Ju. The woman booked the entire second floor of the restaurant.

 Everyone began to loudly talk…

“YuYao Division’s second shijie Bai Shao came down personally too. It seems like there must be something good in tonight’s auction.”

“But YuYao Division’s spiritual medicines are not sold for money. What would we who have silvers but no protection do?”

“Then quickly go exchange your items with YuYao Division’s people…”

Ming WuYan looked puzzled upstairs, “Auction? Where is there an auction?”

Rong Mi smiled, “This is a restaurant but it’s also Yipin Ju’s auction place. Every ten days, there would be an auction on the side. A lot of useful things will be auctioned. Some can help new students arrive successfully at Yutian Academy. It’s lively. Let’s join the liveliness tonight.”

“Can we auction something off?” Ming WuYan questioned further. If she could, she would take two bottles of medicine out of her space to auction. She was in serious shortage of silvers. She couldn’t let Rong Mi spend money on her forever.

Besides, they weren’t that familiar with each other. After this dinner, what would she do then?


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