Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 4 Selling, Part 2

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Boss Li naturally wanted to quickly leave after receiving an advantage. Otherwise, it would not be good if this xiaojie changed her mind. He went over to XiaoLan and roughly pulled her up.

XiaoLan was pulled and by a man, so she was shy and angry, “You scram! Don’t touch me!”

Boss Li disciplined girls everyday. He naturally knew how to make one obedient. With a “ting” sound, XiaoLan’s white face was slapped. Boss Li coldly said, “No wonder your Xiaojie wants to sell you. Such low-class untactful goods. No matter. Once you enter my Li Dazhu’s place, I have means to turn you tactful.”

XiaoLan cried and begged Wang pozi to save her. Wang pozi lay paralyzed on the cold ground and didn’t get up! When the horse carriage left, she suddenly came to. Her slavery contract wasn’t in Xiaojie’s hands. Even if Xiaojie wanted to sell her, she couldn’t! Then what was she scared of?

Qi RongYue ignored Wang pozi. She led the girl into her room and closed the door.

The girl was hungry. As soon as she entered the room, she stared at the food on the table, especially the big meat buns, which made her salivate.

“What’s your name?” Qi RongYue asked.

The girl was not afraid and frankly answered, “Nubi [How servant/ slaves refer to themselves] is Xue’er. I’m fifteen years old.”

Xue’er? She remembered that there was a Xue’er in Qi fu. Her lips couldn’t help but curve up. “Xue’er, remember my words. In this world, you only have one master. You only have to listen to me alone. You can think of other people’s words as nonsense. You don’t have to bother. Do you understand?”

Xue’er’s eyes rounded. “What about the fu’s furen and laoye [Male lord, master]?”


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