Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 6 Don’t Go Too Far, Part 1

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Rong Mi angrily said, “Fu RuoLan, don’t go too far. This bed is WuYan’s. She already put her things there. How can you throw other people’s things?”

Fu RuoLan coldly snorted. “So she’s this ugly person’s friend. If you’re anxious, then you give your spot to her.”

Ming WuYan looked at this Fu RuoLan who had the appearance of an orchid [The “Lan” in her name means “orchid”]. She lightly pursed up her lips. She picked up her own baggage and said to Rong Mi, “It’s fine. People do not fight with dogs. I’ll sleep above you!”

Fu RuoLan’s eyes widened and her face was twisted. She pointed to Ming WuYan and loudly cursed, “What kind of thing are you? You dare to call me a dog? You want to die?” She picked up the nearby pillow and threw it at Ming WuYan.

Ming WuYan frowned and dodged. “It’s not an animal, but it goes mad like one. Looks like it’s time to get the rabies vaccine.”

Others did not know what a “rabies vaccine” was, but they knew Ming WuYan scolding Fu RuoLan as an animal. Some were happy, some were rejoicing in others’ misfortune, and Rong Mi admired Ming WuYan enough to give her a thumbs-up.

As Fu RuoLan wanted to find her sisters to retaliate against Ming WuYan, a shijie [Senior martial sister] from RongSheng Hall came in and coldly looked at everyone. Her eyes landed on Fu RuoLan and Ming WuYan, “Is this a place where you can be impudent? If there is a next time, scram out of RongSheng Hall!”

Everyone clammed up and was scared to say anymore. When the shijie left, Fu RuoLan and three girls plotted to go against Ming WuYan during the monthly lesson on Tianshan XueYue [Mountain].

Since young, Ming WuYan’s hearing was better than most. But she pretended not to hear. This world was still unknown to her. She was not a secret agent or a martial arts practitioner. She knew medicine only and plastic surgery at that. This occupation was not popular in the ancient times when they advocated natural beauty. With her weak and feeble hands, she thought she was better off not interacting with those demons and ghosts.


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