Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 4 Nine Yin Nine Yang Detoxification Needle [4], Part 1

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Aunt Zhang almost jumped up in happiness. Giving medicine to a dead horse actually worked. The little fatty was saved.

Dawn broke and people started yawning. But no one was willing to leave so they stayed with red eyes.

At this time, YuanQiu was applying the Yang needle for the ninth time. It was the last step to Nine Yin Nine Yang Needle. She did not slow down. Whether she was tired or not, the people looking at just her movements were tired. But she was able to persevere.

When the last needle was inserted, little fatty’s complexion returned to normal. Only it was a little pale, but losing so much blood, it would be strange if it was not pale.

YuanQiu pulled out the last needle and collapsed on the ground. She was so tired, she was sweating and panting. She had just come here for a short time. The body was only thirteen years old and she was malnourished. Her strength was limited. It was already a miracle she managed to complete the Nine Yin Nine Yang Needle.

 “Jie, what’s wrong?” YuanHao nervously rushed forwards. His hands wrapped around YuanQiu’s arm, with a distressed face.

YuanQiu shook her head. She rubbed her hand on YuanHao’s black hair. She feebly said, “Nothing is wrong. My legs are a little numb. I’ll be okay after resting a bit.”

The greatest comfort from travelling to a poor mountain village where the birds don’t poop is that she had a sensible and well-behaved brother. It also made up for the regret of being an only child her previous life.

“He’s awake, my son is awake, my son is awake,” Aunt Zhang was so excited she cried and laughed. She hurriedly picked little fatty up from the ground, disregarding the blood on him.


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