Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 5 No Money to Stay at an Inn, Part 3

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“It seems like North Desert Country’s luck is turning…”

“I’ve been here two years already and couldn’t even climb up Tianshan XueYue. With what can this girl go through the back door? And to let Eldest Shixiong personally come to get her?”

“The girl is only eleven years old but she’s pretty. You say, do you think Eldest Shixiong likes her…?”

“What are you saying? What’s so good about an eleven-year-old girl? Her hair isn’t even grown yet…”

“Aren’t you also a teenager?”

“I’m fourteen years old…”

There was laughter all around.

Rong Mi blinked and whispered to Ming WuYan, “There’s someone else who came from North Desert Country with you?”

Ming WuYan shook her head, “I don’t know if anyone else came from North Desert, but I came here alone.”

“Oh. Well, someone else left. You can sleep in the bottom bunk then.” Rong Mi was unaffected. She already prepared everything she needed to live there for a long time, including banknotes.

Ming WuYan smiled. She put her could-not-be-simpler simple baggage on the empty bed. She was about to change out of her wet clothing, when a girl ran over. She threw Ming WuYan’s shabby baggage on the ground. She arrogantly said, “I want this bed. You sleep above.”


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