Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 3 Nine Yin Nine Yang Detoxification Needle [3], Part 2

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YuanQiu inserted eight needles into little fatty’s Yin points in his head. She then inserted six needles into his left chest’s Yang points.

The middle-aged doctor saw YuanQiu’s skillful and elegant way of using the needles. The points were accurate and her hands were fast, something he could not compare to. He understood that he underestimated this girl. He didn’t expect that in this poor valley, there would be a girl well-versed in medicine.

YuanQiu’s rough fingers were as soft and light as flowers and leaves. Her insertion of the needles was graceful and swift, like dancing butterflies frolicking on flowers and trees.

YuanQiu constantly applied needles to all major acupressure points on fatty’s body. The middle-aged doctor found that the girl’s technique was different from other doctors. She used a different technique for every acupuncture point.

The needles were all taken out. Without pausing, she started inserting needles again. The same acupuncture points were pressed. It seemed like there was no difference from before but the middle-aged doctor could see that the amount of force used differ. In addition, the order of the needle application changed.

Her movements were very fast. When she applied needles for the third time, sharp-eyed people noticed a hint of black liquid seeping out along the edges of the needles.

Aunt Zhang was startled and exclaimed, “What, what is that black blood? Did you hurt my little fatty?”

YuanQiu did not lift her head nor stopped her hands. She had no time to care about Aunt Zhang.

The doctor was afraid Aunt Zhang would inadvertently disturb YuanQiu. She stepped forward, “You don’t have to panic. The black blood is poisoned. If the poisoned blood flows out, little fatty’s life would be saved.”


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