Seizing a Good Marriage, the Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 4 A Name No One Dared to Say Out Loud, Part 2

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Tianshan XueYue, Yutian Academy

A middle-aged man with the air of an immortal pulled a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng from the medicinal field and tossed it for the little spirit lion to eat. After cleaning his hand, he turned around and looked at the iceberg-like man beside him.

“Shidi [junior martial brother], is the YaoFeng Qin really broken?” Compared to the small spirit lion, he loved the YaoFeng Qin more. The spirit lion had to eat, but the YaoFeng Qin did not. In the long run, the YaoFeng Qin was more cost-effective.


“Shidi, would you stay a few more days?” Feng JiYou asked with a hopeful face. In a whole year, he could only see him once on his birthday. But this heartless shidi stayed one night and left every time.

This time, he asked as usual. His heart actually did not have any hope. But in the next moment, he heard an unimaginable answer.


“En?” Feng JiYou thought he heard wrong. “Is it really ‘En’”?

“En.” The iceberg-like man licked his lower lip. Even he was surprised into adding, “Will stay a few days.”

Feng JiYou could not stay calm. He stretched his fingers out to count. Shidi actually spoke five words to him! Ah! He laughed mischievously and instead questioned, “Why?”

“I forgot to tell her my name,” the iceberg-like man said, lost in thought.

Feng JiYou did not understand. “What? Whose name?”

 Shidi was willing to tell others his name? “Xue YiHan” was a name no one dared to say out loud.

“I’ll sleep for awhile. If any new students from the North Desert Country come, wake me up.” His shadow flashed and Xue YiHan disappeared.


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