Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 2 Nine Yin Nine Yang Detoxification Needle [2], Part 2

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“I’m going to start now. While I’m inserting needles, do not interrupt me. Otherwise it will fail through lack of a final effort. If you want little fatty to survive, then help keep watch. Don’t let anyone disturb me, understand?” YuanQiu did not speak fast and every word was clear and distinct. Her words contained a prestige, something that they had never seen from her before.

Aunt Zhang immediate patted her chest. “Rest assured. With me here, no one will disturb you.”

YuanQiu nodded. She would not doubt the determination a mother has to protect her child’s life.

At this time, a harsh-looking woman spoke to YuanQiu, “Xia YuanQiu, you think I don’t know what kind of trash you are? I’m telling you to not do anything rash. If you poke someone to death with a needle, don’t say Bomu [wife of father’s elder brother] didn’t dissuade you.”

The implication was that if she stabbed someone to death, the little girl couldn’t afford the consequences. But don’t come looking for this Bomu because she wouldn’t care.

YuanQiu coldly swept her eyes over the woman. She thought of yesterday’s events. When she and YuanHao went to pick vegetables from the garden, this Bomu snuck into their house. She stole the hen they raised for two years and all the hard-earned eggs it laid. When she and YuanHao arrived at Bomu’s house, they saw chicken feathers and bones all over the floor. Their hearts couldn’t help but grow hatred.

YuanQiu cold smiled, “My family’s business could not afford to be bothered by Bomu. Aunt Zhang is not like you who can’t distinguish between right and wrong, with such a poisonous heart.” Although she did not like Aunt Zhang in her heart, but compared to this so-called Bomu, at least Aunt Zhang merely gave them a bad face.

Née Lin was angry. This darned girl actually scolded her in front of so many people, making her lose face. She pointed to YuanQiu and said maliciously, “Everyone here be witnesses. This darned girl willingly said she will give treatment. I tried dissuading her. If something happens and implicates my family, I’m not responsible.”


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