Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 2 Nine Yin Nine Yang Detoxification Needle [2], Part 1

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The middle-aged doctor naturally did not believe YuanQiu had this ability. But he had a curious heart and wanted to see what this girl would do. He straightforwardly replied, “Alright. This is what you said. Many people here heard.”

YuanQiu smiled, “Once I give my word…”

The middle-aged doctor finished her sentence, “Four horses can’t chase it back.”

YuanQiu brought the needle pouch and walked to the front of the grieving couple. “Take off all of little fatty’s clothing. I’ll use a needle for detoxification.”

Old Zhang stopped crying and looked puzzled at YuanQiu. They had been neighbors many years. Other than planting vegetables, this girl didn’t know how to do anything else. She even needed him to sell the vegetables that she planted in town. This girl had not seen the world and she wanted to use a needle for detoxification. Was this a joke?

Seeing Old Zhang not moving, YuanQiu said, “If you want little fatty to live, then do as I say. If you want him to die, then pretend I didn’t say anything.”

At this time, Aunt Zhang also stopped crying. Her heart was more meticulous than her husband’s. Once she heard YuanQiu’s words, she knew there must be some solution. In any case, the doctor already pronounced him beyond saving. What was there to lose?

With the mentality of giving medicine to a dead horse, Aunt Zhang neatly took off all of little fatty’s clothing.

Many little girls in the crowd bashfully turned their heads and were afraid to look. Little fatty was eleven years old this year and he was a bit taller than YuanHao. No wonder these little girls were shy.

But in YuanQiu’s eyes, it was a body that needed treatment; regardless it was male or female.

Everyone’s eyes were on YuanQiu. She opened the needle pouch with a sharp movement, revealing a hundred silver needles of various lengths.

En. Not bad. The set was quite complete. It was enough for detoxification.


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