Seizing a Good Marriage, the Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 4 A Name No One Dared to Say Out Loud, Part 1

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When Ming Lang received the news that his daughter got a Yutian Token, stopped drinking. He rushed to the medical clinic and happily said, “Yan’er, you have to go to the Yutian Academy. You have to study hard. You have to study hard, do you hear? Didn’t you always want to know about your mother? When you come back, I will tell you everything, okay?”

Ming Lang was very excited but Ming WuYan’s face was a bit cold.

First, she didn’t know what was so good about some Yutian Academy. Secondly, she didn’t want to go to school. Thirdly, she felt for her drunkard father to say so many words sober, nothing good was going to happen.

Ming Lang’s body trembled and an alcohol craving came over his face. He smiled, embarrassed, “Yan’er, father is going to go drink now. Tomorrow, father will take care of things. The day after, you can set off for Yutian Academy!”

He wrapped an arm around his wine jug and left.

Ming WuYan sighed and picked up the spirit lion from the ground. She stroked its snow-white fur and said, “That man called you a clumsy baby. Since he said it, let’s call you Wonton!” [TL Note: This site runs on ads, so please kindly turn off your Ad-Blockers to support your translators! “Wonton” sounds like “clumsy”]

The little spirit lion whined and rubbed itself into her palm.

The news of Ming WuYan attending Yutian Academy travelled like a gust of wind. It very quickly spread through the slums. Everyone was envious and spontaneously organized donations. In one day, they gathered ten silvers. Impoverished families even brought out their Golden Phoenix to use on the road.

Ming WuYan clutched the ten silvers and her heart was burning hot. She had never experienced the blessings of so many people. She was so moved her eyes turned red.

Like the Golden Phoenix flying out of the village, everyone had a feeling of glory.

Two days later, under the watchful gazes of countless people, she set on the path to Tianshan XueYue. Yutian Academy was supposed to be there.

Before leaving, Ming WuYan’s father gave her a white jade hairpin. He said it belonged to her mother. He said some words and walked away, drinking.

Towards this father, Ming WuYan was really speechless. But the fatherly feelings the previous host of this body had for her father could not be thrown away. Although there was some resentment, her eyes turned red seeing him walk away.

Grandpa Jing gave her a bag of snacks, a new set of clothing, a bag of various medicinal herbs and powders, and five silvers.

Ming WuYan thought this must be the entirety of Grandpa Jing’s fortune!

A little boy called Baozi shouted enviously to Ming WuYan’s back, “Yan jiejie [Literally older sister, can be used to denote closeness], wait until I get the Yutian Token. I will go to Yutian Academy to find you!”

Ming WuYan smiled and waved, “Everyone take care!”

From now on, her life could only move forward and could not retreat!


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  1. Abe September 11, 2019 / 10:56 pm

    Such a good story! I’m sure she’ll soon find the girl who stole the token from her.

    Thank you for picking this story up as well.

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