The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 118 Returning the Betrothal Gifts

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“This…” Xu Tianyou was in a difficult position. “Ultimately I am not a master of Jing Wang Manor. I’m afraid I will be stepping out of bounds if I receive the gifts for them…”

“Then you go in and ask Ye Yichen…” Murong Xue coldly suggested. In front of so many people, Ye Yichen demoted her to be a concubine. That was ridiculing and looking down on her. Her cancelling the marriage contract was fair and reasonable. She didn’t believe that Ye Yichen would dare object to her leaving the boxes behind!

“Jing Wang is taking care of Old Jing Wang. I’m afraid he has no time to bother with me,” Xu Tianyou smiled embarrassingly, with a regretful face.

“Really?” Murong Xue raised her eyebrows. She carelessly said, “Then let’s leave the betrothal gifts here. After Ye Yichen is done being busy, you can tell him. He will certainly have people carry these boxes inside Jing Wang Manor…” With the guards standing in front of Jing Wang Manor, the boxes wouldn’t be lost.

“People come and go on this street. What to do if someone accidentally knocked into the boxes and damaged the contents?” Xu Tianyou’s eyes disagreed. He raised his voice, “Miss Murong, please take the boxes back.”

“If it’s damaged, then it’s damaged. I will compensate an intact one in return…” Murong Xue interrupted his words. Jing Wang Manor’s betrothal gifts were valuable, but Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion also had many valuable treasures. Even if all the items in the boxes were damaged, she could still take out items of comparable value to compensate…

Of course, she would bring with her Jing Wang Manor’s marriage token. That was because it was Jing Wang Manor’s priceless treasure. There was only one in the world. If damaged, it was impossible to find another one to replace it. Then this marriage contract, if she wanted to terminate, couldn’t be terminated…

“The time is not early. Old Jing Wang is seriously injured, Jing Wang can’t tear himself away, Mr. Xu must have lots to do. I will not bother you anymore. Goodbye!” Murong Xue unhurriedly said, turned around and didn’t look back, as she walked away.

A cool breeze blew. The gold buttons on the sandalwood boxes gleamed in the bright sunlight. Xu Tianyou suddenly realized and hurriedly chased over. “Miss Murong, Miss Murong…”

The betrothal gifts Jing Wang gave to Murong Xue were in these sandalwood boxes. These boxes must not be left outside of Jing Wang Manor or he would have failed to complete the task Jing Wang told him to do…

Murong Xue turned a deaf ear. She leisurely lifted the curtain and got on her horse carriage.

“Miss Murong!” Xu Tianyou shouted. He arrived in front of her carriage but Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion’s guards stopped him.

The moment he was stopped, the horse carriage had set off on the flat road and left…

As the carriage was turning, Murong Xue lifted the curtain and secretly looked back. She saw Xu Tianyou’s ashen face looking at her carriage and then at the sandalwood boxes, raging fire burning in his eyes.

Murong Xue disdainfully humphed. Those betrothal gifts were originally Jing Wang Manor’s. Giving them back to Jing Wang Manor was fair and reasonable. When she brought them there, she had no plans to take them back with her. Even if they didn’t want to accept them, they still had to…

The sun was rising higher and higher when Murong Xue arrived back at Zhen Guo Marquis Manor. She cheerfully walked along the bluestone path, mouth bent in a beautiful curve. In front of so many people, the betrothal gifts were left at Jing Wang Manor. The marriage contract cancellation could be considered half done…

After she found an appropriate time to exchange the marriage tokens with Jing Wang, she would be free from Ye Yichen. She would be free and independent and in this whole life, would have nothing more to do with him…

“Whoosh!” A few sounds of strong winds were heard.

Murong Xue was startled. As she prepared to strike a palm back, some dark guards threw some big boxes in front of her…

The boxes were made of sandalwood, with gold buttons that sparkled in the dazzling sunlight.

Murong Xue stared blankly. Weren’t these the betrothal gifts she left behind at Jing Wang Manor? They actually sent them back…

Murong Xue’s eyes flashed fire. She fiercely glared at the dark guards, “Take the boxes back, hurry and take them back…”

The dark guards turned a deaf ear. Lightly flipping their toes, the disappeared into thin air…

The sounds of breaking wind gradually faded away. There was only Murong Xue alone in Falling Snow Pavilion and the sandalwood boxes left intact on the ground, silently taunting her.

Murong Xue was furious. She viciously kicked all those boxes over. Precious gold and silver jewelry and silks and satins spilled out. She turned a blind eye, gnashing her teeth with fury, and shouted, “Ye Yichen!”

He casually sent a few dark guards, trespassed into Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion with no regards, and threw the boxes in front of her. He was bullying her because she had no people around her who were capable of standing up to Jing Wang Manor’s dark guards right? It’s infuriating her to death, really infuriating her to death!

“The betrothal gifts are sent back. There’s no point in you being angry.” A clear and melodious voice came into her ears. Murong Xue looked up and saw Ouyang Shao Chen reclining on a chaise lounge under a viburnum tree. He was slowly slipping wine in snow-white clothing, dust-free, despite flowing to the ground.

A light bamboo smell mixed with the fragrance of the flowers in the air created a nice smell. But it also showed that Ouyang Shao Chen had been here for more than a moment.

“You’re here. Then why didn’t you lend a hand earlier? Hit the dark guards and the boxes out of here and then we’ll see if Ye Yichen would casually send people to intrude here again…”

Murong Xue huffily walked forwards and sat next to Ouyang Shao Chen. Her white hand tugged on his cheek and pinched hard. There appeared a red mark on his flawless appearance.

A little pain came from his cheek. Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes showed a little helplessness and grabbed her mischievous hand. He lightly said, “Ye Yichen won’t accept the betrothal gifts back. Even if I kick out the dark guards, they will still find some other way to send the gifts back.”

Murong Xue listened and frowned. What Ouyang Shao Chen said was the truth. Ye Yichen didn’t want to cancel the marriage contract so he would use hundreds of ways to return the betrothal gifts back to her. If once didn’t work, then twice. If twice didn’t work, then thrice. He had plenty of dark guards.

“You already knew this would be the result? Why didn’t you remind me?”

“Didn’t I already tell you last night Old Jing Wang didn’t want to terminate the marriage contract between you and Ye Yichen? You didn’t listen?”  Ouyang Shao Chen glared at her, contemptuous.

“I…” Murong Xue choked. She did listen to Ouyang Shao Chen’s words, but she didn’t think that Ye Yichen would use this sort of way to return the betrothal gifts back to her. She was busy most of the morning and it was all for nothing.

Looking at her bitter little face, Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes held a clear smile. His jade-like hand lifted the bottle of wine up and he slowly started sipping it!

Murong Xue’s small face darkened. She took the wine away and put it aside and huffily said, “Don’t drink anymore. Hurry and help me think of a plan. Old Jing Wang had returned to the Capital. I want to cancel the marriage contract as soon as possible, not delay indefinitely.”

“Old Jing Wang is an elder. He doesn’t want you two to terminate the marriage contract so your path will be filled with obstacles. You want to draw the line clearly between you and Ye Yichen but it cannot be rushed. It needs to be carefully planned…” Ouyang Shao Chen lowly said, eyes flashed an inscrutable feeling.



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