The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 117 Failure in Terminating the Marriage Contract

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Ye Yichen’s eyes narrowed. “She’s here to terminate the marriage contract!” It just turned Chen Shi [7 to 9 am] and she was already here at Jing Wang Manor. It looked like she really couldn’t wait to end this marriage contract with him.

“Benwang knows!” Old Jing Wang glared at him. “You go see Xue’er, say some nice words, and apologize. Promise her more things and give more guarantees. You must make her change her mind and not talk about cancelling the marriage contract anymore.”

Soft words? Apologize? Promise? Guarantees? Wasn’t it to let down his stance and coax Murong Xue!

Ye Yichen eyes were unwilling. He impatiently said, “I don’t coax people!”

“Even if you don’t coax, you still need to coax!” Old Jing Wang grabbed the soft pillow behind him and threw it towards Ye Yichen’s head. “Aren’t you Qingyan Country’s God of War? You can obtain Mobei’s thousands of troops and horses. If you can’t even coax one little girl, you don’t need to come see me anymore.”

Ye Yichen lightly moved sideways and avoided the soft pillow. Looking at Old Jing Wang’s angry face, his eyebrows wrinkled deeper. Killing and coaxing people were two different things. How could they be compared?

Moreover, Murong Xue’s temperament used to be frail and weak and was wholeheartedly devoted to him. If he said some soft words, she might have changed her mind. “The current Murong Xue is very decisive and really hates me. She wholeheartedly wants to terminate the marriage contract. No matter what I say, she won’t believe me and want to get out of this marriage contract as soon as possible…”

“Then what do you say we should do?” Old Jing Wang angrily stared at him. He made such a mess of such a good marriage. Really infuriated people to death…

Ye Yichen’s gaze deepened. “I will first let people persuade Murong Xue back to Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor. Then we’ll think of a long-term solution. Our marriage contract will still exist. We’ll definitely come up with a way to get her to change her mind!”

The current Murong Xue was arrogant and unyielding. She did not put him in her eyes. He would definitely not put down his attitude to coax her.

Father had an old illness and could not be angered. If he openly disobeyed his father, his father would be furious and harm his body. He would first use this excuse to pacify his father and slowly come up with a solution for Murong Xue’s matter.

Old Jing Wang pondered, then said, “Do it like this then. But you have to remember, your Zhengfei can only be Murong Xue. Your marriage contract cannot be cancelled!”

“I know!” Ye Yichen unwillingly nodded, sharp eyes flashing.

The bright and warm sunshine covered Murong Xue standing in front of Jing Wang Manor. Slowly walking to and fro, her cold eyes glanced at the Manor from time to time…

Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in the empty bluestone road. Wearing a navy blue robe, with a clear handsome face, it was Shangshu Manor’s Di [born from the legitimate wife] son, Xu Tianyou.

He walked towards Murong Xue and politely saluted. “Miss Murong!”

“Why is it you?” Murong Xue gently frowned. She was here to cancel the marriage contract. It should be Old Jing Wang or Jing Wang to exchange the tokens. Why send out an unrelated Xu Tianyou?

Xu Tianyou lightly smiled. “Old Jing Wang’s old illness recurred. Jing Wang is taking care of him by his bedside. He had no choice but to send me here to receive Miss Murong. Under orders from Jing Wang, I’m here to invite Miss Murong to sit in the drawing room. After Old Jing Wang wakes, he will come out to see Miss…”

“Then when will Old Jing Wang wake?” Murong Xue’s eyes were faint.

“This… it’s hard to say,” Xu Tianyou shook his head, looking grave. “The imperial doctors are still waiting inside. They cannot calculate the time Old Jing Wang would wake up…”

Murong Xue turned serious. “Is Old Jing Wang seriously ill?”

Xu Tianyou’s eyes flashed and he lowered his voice. “Old Jing Wang was seriously injured in a battle and cannot return to the battlefield. He passed on the “Wang” title to Jing Wang ahead of time. His injuries are serious and every time the illness relapses, it will take away half his life…”

Murong Xue frowned. Hu Bo worked as a housekeeper for many years in Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor. She clearly understood that those injured on the battlefield could not be angered or overworked or use too much martial arts. Otherwise, when the illnesses recur, the face would be pale due to pain and death might come!

When Old Jing Wang’s illness relapsed last night, even if he didn’t lose half his life, it was close enough. However, he managed to take a pill in time, so even if his body was weak, he should still be awake. “Can I go in to see him?”

Xu Tianyou apologized smilingly. “Apologies, but Jing Wang ordered that Old Jing Wang is seriously injured, he needs peace and quiet. No one is allowed to bother him before he wakes up.”

“Really?” Murong Xue raised her brows and said word-for-word. “I only want to go in to take one look. I promise not to make any sounds. I will definitely not disturb Old Jing Wang!”

“Miss Murong, this is Jing Wang Manor. I’m only listening to Jing Wang’s orders. Please don’t make things difficult for me…”

Xu Tianyou spoke his already-thought out perfect excuse. He carelessly looked up and saw Murong Xue smile, yet not smile at him, her cold eyes clear as glass. Her sharp-as-ice eyes seemed to have seen through the lies and figured everything out…

Xu Tianyou’s eyelids jumped violently. The perfect words he was speaking came to an abrupt end. With difficulty, he raised his lips in a stiff smile. “This, the sun is getting stronger. Let’s go talk in the drawing room. Please follow me, Miss Murong…”

“No need!” Murong Xue coldly rejected his invitation. In a neither mild nor strong tone, she said, “Old Jing Wang is suffering from an old illness and needs plenty of rest. I will not go inside the Manor to bother him. I will come back to see him after he wakes up!”

Old Jing Wang must already be awake now. He just didn’t want to agree to her cancelling the marriage contract so he was deliberately looking for an excuse to not see her!

Jing Wang Manor was heavily-guarded. Three steps a guard, five steps a sentry. There were plenty of soldiers with high martial arts who had been through countless bloody fights. Even if she broke through these obstacles and finally saw Old Jing Wang and Ye Yichen, if the former was still unconscious and the latter was busily take care of him, as Xu Tianyou said, then they still wouldn’t see her. Ultimately, she still couldn’t terminate the marriage contract…

“The time is not early anymore. I will first return to my Manor. I will leave these boxes here!” Since Old Jing Wang didn’t want to see her, even if she waited until tomorrow morning, Old Jing Wang still would not be “conscious.” She would not stupidly stand here and suffer in the wind and sun.

Xu Tianyou glanced behind Murong Xue and saw seven or eight big sandalwood boxes. His mouth twitched a bit. Weren’t those the betrothal, New Year’s, and ceremonial gifts Jing Wang gave to Murong Xue? She actually brought them all back. She must really want to draw a clear line between her and Jing Wang.

But Jing Wang told him not to agree to cancel the marriage contract. Therefore, these boxes must definitely not be left behind!

“Miss Murong, it would be better if you personally return the betrothal gifts to Jing Wang himself. I am an outsider; it would not be good for me to interfere in your personal matters…”

Murong Xue glanced at him and coldly said, “Ye Yichen let you come to receive me. He must definitely not treat you like an outsider. It’s only a few boxes of betrothal gifts. Giving them to him or you is the same…”


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