The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 116 Proceeding to Terminate the Marriage Contract

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As the night darkened, Ouyang Shao Chen holding Murong Xue arrived in front of Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor. Two exquisite red lanterns emitted warm light.

Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes darkened and he lightly asked, “Old Jing Wang’s old disease recurred. Do you need to go to Jing Wang Manor to visit?”

Murong Xue nodded. “Of course I need to go. First thing tomorrow morning, I will bring all the betrothal gifts, New Year’s gifts, and ceremonial gifts and terminate the marriage contract…”

Since Old Jing Wang returned to the Capital, she must terminate the contract at the fastest speed, to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

From the bottom of Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes emerged an unnoticeable smile, but instantly disappeared. He faintly said, “Old Jing Wang didn’t seem to want you to cancel your engagement with Ye Yichen…”

Murong Xue scoffed. “I don’t want to be Ye Yichen’s concubine in Jing Wang Manor. And I want to inexplicably die in his hands even less. Even if he doesn’t want to terminate this marriage contract, it must still be terminated…”

Looking at her firm gaze, Ouyang Shao Chen’s mouth curved gracefully. He faintly asked, “Do you need my help?”

“No need. This is a private matter between me and Ye Yichen. It’s not good for you to get involved,” Murong Xue gently smiled. Her heart was thinking: “Ouyang Shao Chen is Xiao Yao Wang Shizi and not Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion’s people. There was no justification to take this male outsider to Jing Wang Manor to discuss contract termination. If Old Jing Wang felt that she wasn’t courteous and wanted to make things difficult for her, then this marriage contract would be even more difficult to terminate…”

“Then I will wait for your good news at home!” Ouyang Shao Chen lightly said, the bottom of his eyes showing a look others couldn’t understand.

“Okay!” Murong Xue nodded. Xiao Yao Wang Manor’s hidden guards could be found all over the city. If she succeeded in cancelling the marriage contract, Ouyang Shao Chen should receive the news quickly.

Looking at her slightly tired eyes, Ouyang Shao Chen softly said, “The time is not early. Go back to rest. There’s a lot to do tomorrow.”

“En. Good night,” Murong Xue gently said. She slowly turned and elegantly walked into Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor.

After she disappeared at the end of the bluestone road, Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes deepened and gracefully turned and walked towards Xiao Yao Wang Manor.

Light footsteps, neither fast nor slow, following him from behind. Ouyang Shao Chen ignored them and strode forwards. After a few corners, he leisurely stepped into Xiao Yao Wang Manor!

The sound of guards stopping someone behind him was heard. “Sir, this is Xiao Yao Wang Manor. Trespassers are not permitted!”

“Our family’s young master is your Shizi’s friend and not some trespasser!” Huo Tong’s cold voice argued. Ouyang Shao Chen wrinkled his brows and turned around to see the master and servant duo. “Dongfang Li, it is late already. You’re not going to find an inn, what are you doing here at Xiao Yao Wang Manor?”

“Naturally it is to stay at Xiao Yao Wang Manor,” Dongfang Li understated his intentions. Murong Xue was female. He could not live with her in Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion, but living next door to her, even with a separating wall, he could easily watch the show.

Ouyang Shao Chen liked Murong Xue. In Murong Xue and Ye Yichen’s marriage contract matter, he would definitely insert a hand in. Dongfang Li, living in Xiao Yao Wang Manor, keeping an eye on Ouyang Shao Chen, would certainly see an exciting show.

Ouyang Shao Chen lightly looked at him and coldly said, “Xiao Yao Wang Manor is not an inn. If you want to stay somewhere, find an inn.”

“An inn’s environment is mediocre, the furnishings are mediocre, and the meals are mediocre. Benwangzi [How princes refer to themselves, literally “This prince”] is not going there!” Dongfang Li shook his head in disgust and looked at Ouyang Shao Chen’s gloomy face.

His eyes flashed and said, “If it is inconvenient for Benwangzi to stay at Xiao Yao Wang Manor, then Benwangzi would go to Jing Wang Manor. Although I’ve only met Jing Wang and Old Jing Wang once, since Benwangzi is the seventh prince of Xiliang, Bengwangzi is sure they would welcome me staying there…” Dongfang Li’s smiled meaningfully and turned to leave.

“Stop!” Ouyang Shao Chen’s cold voice called out. His eyes deep, he thought, “Dongfang Li is Xiliang Country’s seventh prince. Any high officials who know him would welcome him to stay at their place.”

Only Murong Xue could solve the Seven Snakes Poison in his body. Every three days, she would need to help him cure the poison. If he lived at Jing Wang Manor, Xue’er must need to frequently enter Jing Wang Manor…

“Someone, take Seventh Prince to the guest house in the Southeast corner!”

“The Southeast corner?” Dongfang Li’s eyes turned cold and he wrinkled his brows. “Ouyang Shao Chen, Benwangzi is a guest. You would let Benwangzi live in such a remote courtyard?”

“This is Xiao Yao Wang Manor and not Xiliang’s Imperial Palace. You cannot pick and choose. The guest house in the Southeast corner is already worthy of you. Live there or leave it!” Ouyang Shao Chen glanced at him and did not turn his head to look back at him as he walked away.

Dongfang Li looked towards the Southeast corner and faintly smiled. He just came from the Southeast direction. He obtained a general glimpse even though there was a high wall. Although the guest house was remote, there were lots of flowers and trees and the environment was excellent. It was very suitable to comfortably recover his injuries. He would reluctantly stay there and watch the excitement.

Tomorrow, Murong Xue would go to Jing Wang Manor to cancel the marriage contract. One wondered if she would be successful?

The next morning, the clouds retreated, the mist subsided, and golden sunlight sprinkled through the clouds onto the ground.

In Jing Wang Manor’s main courtyard, after being unconscious for a night, Old Jing Wang’s eyelashes quivered and slowly opened his eyes. He saw Ye Yichen’s pale, delicate face. He looked tired, with faint blue circles under his eyes, like he did not sleep the whole night.

Looking at the conscious Old Jing Wang, Ye Yichen secretly let out a sigh of relief. “Father, you’re awake!”

Old Jing Wang lightly, “En.” He slowly sat up and looked at Ye Yichen’s pale, wan face. He gently sighed, “Yichen, your marriage contract with Murong Xue was set by me and your Uncle Yue. Your Uncle Yue died early and it’s more the reason we should take good care of his orphan. You should not do such treacherous things. Murong Xue would be your Zhengfei [legitimate consort]. Let go of the idea that you would demote her to be your concubine…”

Ye Yichen’s eyes dimmed and lowly said, “Murong Xue does not want the position of Jing Wang Zhengfei. She only wholeheartedly wants to cancel the marriage contract now…”

“Isn’t it all because of you? If you did not demote her to be a concubine in front of everyone and let her be sneered at and humiliated, why would she want to draw a clear line between you and her?”

Old Jing Wang snapped at him and gave him a hard stare. “Go immediately to Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion, admit your mistakes to Xue’er, and beg for her forgiveness…”

“Father!” Ye Yichen was deeply shocked. He was Jing Wang. How could he lower himself to apologize to Murong Xue?

“What are you staring at?” Old Jing Wang squinted at him and said word-for-word, “The marriage contract Benwang personally set will never change. Your Zhengfei can only be Murong Xue. If you cannot marry her, then you don’t have to marry your whole life…”

Ye Yichen’s eyes sank, but did not speak!

At that moment, a soldier came over and announced, “Old Jing Wang, Jing Wang, Zhen Guo Marquis’ Mansion’s Murong Xue requests an audience.”


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