The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 115 The Angry Old Jing Wang

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“Father, Yuyan is seriously injured. Although she is awake, I don’t know if she will survive. I must go to see her. Afterwards, I will come back to apologize!” Ye Yichen said softly, turned and walked quickly towards Jing Wang Manor.

“You, this child…” Old Jing Wang was angry. His gaze at Ye Yichen was fiery.  

Murong Xue blinked. She slowly walked forwards. “Wangye.”

A clear voice entered his ears. Old Jing Wang’s anger quickly dissipated. He heavily sighed and apologetically looked at her. “It’s all Benwang’s [How Wangyes refer to themselves] fault. I did not discipline my own son properly. Don’t worry. You are Benwang’s daughter-in-law. Benwang will only recognize you as the rightful Jing Wangfei and will not let you suffer any wrongs.”

“Wangye misunderstands. I don’t want to be Jing Wangfei. I want to ask Wangye to terminate the marriage contract,” Murong Xue lightly smiled. Her cold eyes held a never-been-seen-before firmness!

Old Jing Wang was startled. “Why?”

That year, when the marriage was set, this little girl who looked like she was carved from jade, looked at Yichen with eyes of joy and excitement. She liked Yichen so much, she should be fighting to be Jing Wangfei. Why back out of the marriage instead?

Murong Xue faintly smiled, “Jing Wang and Princess Qin love each other. Jing Wang and my marriage contract hindered these two lovers. I’m caught between them. It makes things difficult for them and embarrassing for me. It’s better to break the contract for Jing Wang, the Princess, and me…”

“Did Yichen force you to say these words?” Old Jing Wang lowly asked, gritting his teeth!

“These words are sincere. I am willing to terminate the contract…” Murong Xue shook her head and solemnly said. “I am very grateful for Wangye’s care for me. Jing Wang and I have no fate or feelings. If forced to be together, we will be unhappy forever. It is better to terminate the marriage contract and set each other free. He can find his happiness and I can find mine…”

Listening to her sincere words, a light of shock flashed through Old Jing Wang’s eyes. His eyes then returned to normal, the light extinguished…

A gust of cold wind blew. Murong Xue couldn’t help but grasp her clothes tight, looking at Old Jing Wang…

“The hour is not too late. Let’s immediately break the marriage contract. I have already gathered the marriage token Wangye left that year, betrothal gifts, and ceremonial gifts together. I can immediately get servants to carry them to Jing Wang Manor. Wangye just need to give me my father’s marriage token that he left…”

Old Jing Wang suddenly turned pale. With a “poof” sound, he spat out a mouthful of blood and his body fell to the ground…

“Wangye!” Murong Xue was shocked and hastily stretched out a hand to help.

A purple-clad figure suddenly appeared in front of her to hold Old Jing Wang. He hit a few acupressure points on Old Jing Wang’s body and put a pill into his mouth.

Looking at his handsome face and skillful movements, Murong Xue gently wrinkled her brows. Didn’t Ye Yichen go back to the Manor to see Qin Yuyan? Why did he come back?

Looking at her doubtful face, Ye Yichen frowned and reluctantly said, “My father has an old illness. He hurriedly travelled back to the capital and hasn’t even entered his house yet. But you’re here to talk about terminating the marriage contract…”

Just then he already left, but saw Murong Xue walked up to Old Jing Wang. He suddenly wanted to hear what they would talk about so he quietly came back. Unexpectedly, Murong Xue did not complain or reprimand his [Ye Yichen’s] actions and only wanted to break off the contract…

“How would I know that Wangye’s old illness is so serious?” Murong Xue said, in a bad mood. She only determinedly said the reason for the termination and Old Jing Wang was stimulated enough for the old illness to occur…

It seemed like Old Jing Wang really wanted to make her and Ye Yichen a pair. But the man had no feelings and the woman had no intentions. In this life, they could not be together…

Ye Yichen coldly said, “My father is very happy with this marriage. Don’t talk about terminating the marriage contract in front of him again…”

Murong Xue disdainfully smirked. “If not terminate, then I shall go to your Manor to be a concubine? If you’re going to daydream, please look at the time.”

Ye Yichen’s face was gloomy. He stressed each word, “Benwang can make you Jing Wangfei.”

“And then what? Jing Wang then marries Princess Qin as Cefei [side consort]; favors her and loves her. You will give the Manor’s household power and responsibilities to her. I would be an unnecessary Jing Wangfei. Will I be locked up in a dilapidated building to fend for myself? Or will I be sent far away so you don’t see me? The heart doesn’t think about what the eyes don’t see. Or how about a bowl of poison to kill me off?”

Murong Xue raised her brows to look at Ye Yichen, with a smile that’s not a smile on her face. His face darkened. “You think Benwang will do this to you?”

“Wouldn’t you? Oh…I forgot Old Jing Wang is still here. He lives so I live. I will be a decoration in Jing Wang Manor. When he passes away, I will follow…”

The weak and frail Jing Wangfei due to the passing of her elder, followed him. Such a heartfelt excuse, such a compelling reason…Princess Qin can use the excuse that the Manor cannot be without a mistress and become the legitimate Jing Wangfei. She can then live happily and sweetly with Jing Wangye….” Murong Xue speculated.

Ye Yichen was ashen. The bottom of his eyes glittered and he gnashed his teeth. “Murong Xue!”

Murong Xue suddenly realized and embarrassedly smiled: “I spoke too much. Let’s return back to business. Old Jing Wang doesn’t agree to Qin Yuyan as Jing Wangfei is your problem. Don’t use me as a shield for you two or as a sacrificial victim in your course of true love. I will definitely terminate this marriage contract!”

After coldly throwing down these words, Murong Xue turned around and without turning her head back, to leave!

Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes deepened. He stepped forward and gently held Murong Xue’s shoulder. “The hour is not early. I will send you home.”

“Okay!” Murong Xue nodded. And with Ouyang Shao Chen, they walked away.

Looking at the shadows of the two hugging, Ye Yichen’s gloomy face was scary to look at. The fire in his eyes converged into several characters: Murong Xue!

Dongfang Li looked at Ye Yichen’s angry eyes. Then he looked at the fairy-like figures of Ouyang Shao Chen and Murong Xue. His eyes held a strange smile.

Huo Tong did not understand: “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” Dongfang Li shook his head, the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, smiling yet not smiling. “It’s just such a coincidence we are here. There will be a show to see in Qingyan Capital.”


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