Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 6 Willing to Agree to Anything

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His stare made Hua Yu Man take a step backwards. Her body trembled slightly. This man was one who repaid the smallest grievances.

Thirteen saw that she was very afraid of Li Ji. Even he didn’t know why, but he gently touched her injured forehead. “You’re hurt so go to your room and rest.”

 Hua Yu Man listened and turned around to leave. She walked faster and faster, as if ghosts were chasing her.

Lying on her bed, she couldn’t sleep. Things were getting more complicated. What to do now?

Not sleeping the whole night, she sat with her black eyes in a daze. Yin Tao saw her mistress awake so she came over. When she saw a golden pattern on her mistress’s forehead, she exclaimed. “Xiaojie, this pattern won’t wash off!”

Hua Yu Man looked at herself in the copper mirror and was startled when she saw the pattern. Wasn’t this the pattern on the jade that Thirteenth Prince was wearing when she bumped into him?

She used her hand to rub hard at the pattern. It didn’t rub off. It was like a painting. It was not like a scar that was left behind after being injured. Actually, it was quite pretty to look at.

“Xiaojie, did you draw this yourself?” Yin Tao couldn’t understand. Young Lady didn’t have this mark on her face yesterday.

“Sort of!” Hua Yu Man pointed to the kettle to the side of her bed. “Go and fetch some water. Before the food comes, I will go out for a stroll.”

“Yes, Xiaojie.”

After Yin Tao left, Hua Yu Man went out of her room. A gust of wind blew begonia flower petals onto her. She caught one or two petals and dreamily whispered , “If only I am as free as you are. Can you tell me how I can avoid this calamity?”

As her voice fell, she felt a warm burst between her eyebrows. A fuzzy picture of a man appeared in her mind. But she could clearly tell that it was the face of Thirteenth Prince.

“You seem to really like talking to yourself!” A cold, clear voice came behind Hua Yu Man. She turned and saw an indescribably handsome face. Just like the begonias in her hand, it was clear and beautiful, with an unspeakable attraction.

“What are you doing here?” She was not happy to see him again so she didn’t give him a good expression.

Thirteen stared at her for a moment and his gaze fell onto her brows. He frowned. “That is the place you injured last night?”

This pattern looked the one from the jade last night. What is going on…Could it be that the fated one was this girl?

“En.” She looked at him and faintly said, “If you’re blaming yourself, solve the problem from last night and don’t cause me to lose my whole family.”

She also didn’t know why she told him about her concerns from last night.

Thirteen glanced at her and a long-lost smile appeared on his lips. “I can, but you have to promise me one thing.”

She was stunned after he agreed and then asked, “What thing?”

“I can’t think of it now. I will think about it later. But no matter what it is, you have to promise me.”

“Okay!” As long as she can keep her family safe, she was willing to do anything!

“Remember, you promised this all on your own. If you regret it, the thing you’re worried about will still happen.” After speaking, Thirteen turned to leave. Only he knew his mood cheered up for some reason and his steps were light.


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