Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 5 You Don’t Want to Save Him?

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“What kind of weapon did you use?” The man’s voice was very pleasant to hear, but his tone was obnoxious. She was like a little pet in front of him. Even though he was good-looking, her tone wasn’t very good either.

The young man was startled, then smiled. “Weapon? You mean this?” He took from his neck a piece of jade he obtained from Tian Ta Temple today. Above the strange pattern on the jade was this girl’s blood. Instead of being repulsive, the beauty’s blood sprinkled on the jade was actually pretty to look at.

Hua Yu Man looked at the piece of jade, depressed. She really hit it? No wonder he asked how I could have possibly hurt myself.

“Then I will help you bring the culprit to justice!” With a pinch of his fingers, a fine piece of jade was crushed to powder.

“You……” Hua Yu Man was frightened by his actions. What a frightening person. The strange force on his body was also frightening.

She was about to leave, when a female’s voice came from the bottom of the steps. “We’ve arrived at Tian Ta Temple. Where am I going to find someone for you?”

Hua Yu Man could not be more familiar with this voice. She looked around in a panic and saw two familiar people coming up the steps. She turned to run.

Why did Leng You Yu bring Li Ji here? What is going on?

Was it because she changed the path of things so now all things have changed? She still couldn’t escape her fate? Was Hua Manor going to meet its doom again?

She was scared. No. It could not be like this. She must convince her parents and big brother to leave Tian Ta Temple.

She was distracted and stepped off the step. She was about to fall off and roll down the steps……

“Why are you still so stupid?” the annoyed young man scolded. With a twist of his body, he pulled the silly little girl back.

“Is it Thirteen?” Li Ji’s voice weakly came from the bottom of the steps.

The young man released Hua Yu Man. He lightly replied, “En.”

This shocked Hua Yu Man. This young man actually knew Li Ji. Thirteen……

From the recesses of her mind, she faintly recalled there was a disgrace of the royal family. Thirteen Prince, Li Yang, was regarded as a broken-sleeve. He was the only one who didn’t care for political intrigue or the Crown Prince status. He was always travelling around the three countries and rarely returned home.

[Broken-sleeve: a euphemism for homosexuality]

It seemed like everything was changing.

No. She had to leave. She didn’t care about Thirteen Prince or Li Ji. She only wanted her family to be safe.

She turned and took a step away, but then came Leng You Yu’s voice. “Man’er, didn’t I ask you to buy medicine? Why are you here at Tian Ta Temple? You rally anger me to death.”

Due to Leng You Yu’s words, Thirteen grabbed her arm. “You’ve seen them before?”

“So what if I’ve seen them before?” She glared at Thirteen and tried to get her arm back in vain. Her eyes turned big and round. Under the moonlight, they looked particularly bright and charming.

Thirteen lightly lifted his lower lip. “You don’t want to save him?”

“Save him? Who will save my family?” She hated him. She had to meet Leng You Yu and that abominable culprit again.

Thirteen was startled. He let go of her hand. “You’re very smart!”

 As they were speaking, Leng You Yu and Li Ji already arrived before them.

“Man’er, I will settle accounts with you later!” Leng You Yu glared at Hua Yu Man.

Li Ji couldn’t help but look at Hua Yu Man some more. This woman who stood by and didn’t help someone who’s dying. A woman who ran away……


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