Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 4 How Can Someone Be as Stupid as You?

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Hua Yu Man experienced the long-absent motherly love and clung tightly to Madam Hua. Madam Hua was shocked. This child was hurt and now more clingy. Before this girl was like a spoiled brat. She must have been afraid.

“Mother will go to the temple and pray for a peace token!”

Once Madam Hua said this, Hua Yu Man excitedly reached up and loudly kissed her mother’s face. “Mother, you’re so amazing. Let’s go worship tomorrow. No, no. Let’s go now. Let’s get father and brother to go too.”

Madam Hua was stunned by her daughter’s kiss. She raised her hand to caress her daughter’s forehead. Her intuition said her daughter had a problem. How can she randomly kiss? It’s not even permissible for her to kiss even her own parents! It seemed like she must go to the temple and worship Buddha and pray away the bad luck.

Hua Yu Kang always treasured his own baby sister. So when he returned home and heard his sister was ill, he immediately went straight to Hengfeng Pharmacy. He heard his mother and sister wanted to pray at the temple and immediately agreed.

General Hua always believed that those on the battlefield had heavy bloody energies [qi]. He was afraid that it would be harmful to their families. So the people of Hua Manor would live for a few days at Tian Ta Temple. But usually it would be during the wintertime. But today his daughter was injured and pleaded so General Hua agreed to go with his family to Tian Ta Temple.

After it was all settled, the stone in Hua Yu Man’s heart dropped. As soon as she got onto the horse carriage, she fell asleep.

On the other side, the Leng You Yu who was waiting for Hua Yu Man impatiently became angry. She let go of the man in her arms and was prepared to go buy the haemostatic drugs herself. But she carelessly fell on top of the man’s body and found several bottles of haemostatic drugs on him. She was ecstatic.

After the man woke up, the first words he said weakly to Leng You Yu was: “Trouble this miss to please send me to Tian Ta Temple.”

It was very peaceful at night at Tian Ta Temple, with occasional sounds of the monks chanting prayers. After sleeping for awhile in the carriage, Hua Yu Man was not sleepy now.

Without disturbing the servants, she clad herself in a thin coat and sat on the steps of Tian Ta Temple.

Tian Ta Temple had ninety-nine steps to portray ninety-nine levels of sincerity. Hua Yu Man looked at the moon in the sky and mumbled, “Buddha will bless me. I am so kind, so sincere, and never did anything harmful. Buddha, you will bless me, right?”

She turned to leave and bumped into a wall.

A wall?

She looked up and her forehead was hurting. She touched her brows and blood came down.

“How can there be such a stupid person who hurt herself like this?” the wall said. Bending over and crouching in front of her, he took out a white handkerchief and wiped the blood on her forehead. But as soon as he touched her forehead, his hand did not move, and he was evidently surprised at his own actions.

“You……” Hua Yu Man angrily grabbed the handkerchief from the wall. She wrinkled her eyebrows and looked at the wall.

It was a very handsome young man. His age was about seventeen- or eighteen-years-old. His white clothing gave off a very cold temperament. His deep dark eyes attracted people but also gave off an unapproachable feeling. His skin was like jade and his five features [eyes, ears, mouth, nose, brows] were carefully sculpted. Hua Yu Man was slightly distracted. When she reacted, she rapidly searched through her memories. But she could not find any memories about the young man.


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