Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 3 Tenth Princess

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Hua Yu Man was shocked when she saw her. If she was not wrong, from the Empress’s birth to three sons and two daughters, she was the only one still alive: the Tenth Princess. According to her past life’s timeline, this Tenth Princess would die in half a year on the way to her marriage with a foreign country. It was said she died of an illness, but who really knew?

This Tenth Princess was frequently sick and seldom went out so the Emperor and Empress were protective of her. The first and only time Hua Yu Man saw Tenth Princess was the day of her departure for marriage. The citizens gathered to send her off and with a smile, she waved goodbye……

Hua Yu Man used to think that Tenth Princess was a unique and kind woman. She didn’t have any of the royal princesses’ arrogant and unruly tempers. Hua Yu Man had good feelings about her.

“En. I am.” Hua Yu Man was thinking. When Tenth Princess didn’t speak, she smiled and stood up. She then sent away and asked the female doctor to come back.

“Jiejie, do you have anything to speak to me about?”

[Jiejie: Literally “Older sister.” Can also be used between non-related people to denote closeness.]

Tenth Princess saw there weren’t outsiders around so she shyly took out a sachet. “Could you give this to your brother?”

Hua Yu Man immediately raised her eyebrows. So Tenth Princess liked older brother?

Seeing her smile, Tenth Princess was uncomfortable and turned red. She wanted to leave, but Hua Yu Man held onto her. “Jiejie, I really like you. You’re just like my sister-in-law in my dreams.”

Tenth Princess turned even redder and murmured, “What sister-in-law in your dream…”

“It’s nothing much. Recently, my parents mentioned my brother’s prospective marriage. I had a weird dream. My sister-in-law in that dream and sister you, are similar. Does jiejie have a marriage contract? Do you like my brother? Can I tell my father to ask for marriage at your home?”

Tenth Princess listened in silence and finally started crying. Hua Yu Man was startled. She was just teasing her to test if she had real feelings for her brother. She also wanted the powerful Tenth Princess to find a way to take her parents and brother out of the Manor. It looked like she was too impatient.

Tenth Princess knew she scared Hua Yu Man so she smiled. “Man’er meimei, I won’t hide it from you. I am Li Country’s Tenth Princess. Half a month ago, Emperor Father received Hai Lan Wang Country’s marriage contract. It specified me to marry over. Emperor Father already agreed.”

[Meimei: Literally “younger sister.” Can also be used between non-related people to denote closeness]

“Does my brother know your feelings?” Hua Yu Man asked seriously. Her heart hurt for this girl.

Tenth Princess shook her head. “He once saved me and half a year later, he would be in charge of the marriage procession. I just wanted to give him a gift. Thank you. I need to leave now.”

“Where are you going?” Hua Yu Man quickly asked. She hadn’t even thought of her plan yet.

“I was going to Tian Ta Temple to pray for good fortune, after Empress Mother’s assassination attempt. I saw you came in here so I came in after you.”

Hua Yu Man listened and a bright light flashed in her eyes. “Praying for good fortune is good. Look at my whole body of injures, I also need to go to the temple to worship. Tenth Princess, my mother will be here soon. I will think of a way to get my parents and brother to go to Tian Ta Temple too. If there is affinity, maybe you can meet.”

Tenth Princess, with hopeful eyes, nodded at her.

As soon as Tenth Princess left, Madam Hua arrived. When she saw Hua Yu Man, her eyes turned red. She pulled her precious daughter over and looked her up and down. “Man’er, you don’t obediently stay at home and instead go out to catch rabbits?” She held her daughter’s pretty face and sighed. “Good thing the face isn’t injured. Or it will be ugly to death.”


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