Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 2 Hengfeng Pharmacy

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Hengfeng Pharmacy was the largest drugstore in the city. Hua Yu Man was deep in thought walking towards it. Her miserable, past life began today. Because she saved Li Ji, who was dressed similarly to an escaped assassin of the Empress, three days later, the Emperor sent people to investigate Hua Manor. There were records she obtained haemostatic drugs from Hengfeng Pharmacy and thus the whole Hua family was executed.

Because of this, Hua Manor’s cousin Leng You Yu pushed the blame of saving Li Ji all onto her: Hua Yu Man. Leng Manor dodged a bullet. But maybe due to this, the Crown Prince saved her and treated Hua Yu Man very well. Many people were envious and hated her, including Leng You Yu. Things turned around in a loop and Hua Yu Man’s life ended in tragedy.

She cannot let Hua Manor end up in the same situation again. What should she do?

She was only a weak and fragile woman. Because of frailty, her General father did not ask her to learn martial arts. He loved his soldiers like his sons so he used his own money to subsidize their expenses. Therefore, her family wasn’t very wealthy either.

As she was thinking, the shopkeeper came over and mildly asked, “Miss Hua, are you here to buy medicine?”

This shopkeeper was a smart man. He recognized lots of wealthy and noble people’s families so he came over to greet her.

Hua Yu Man shook her head. “I’m not here for medicine. My little rabbit is injured. Can you help me look at it?”

The shopkeeper was not displeased. A lot of noble daughters had the habit of keeping pets. Sometimes a pet’s life was worth more than that of a servant’s so it was understandable someone would get treatment for a bunny.

The shopkeeper looked at her, and suddenly found traces of blood and several thorns on her back. He immediately called the doctor over. “How did this happen? You’re hurt badly.”

This noble young miss with a delicate body didn’t shout in pain, but instead sought help for the rabbit and not for herself.

Hua Yu Man then remembered why she woke up with extreme pain. It was when Leng You Yu found Li Ji and Hua Yu Man attempted to save him, that she was injured. In her past life, she was busy helping Leng You Yu buy haemostatic medicine and forgot about her injuries until the next day, when her mother found out.

Looking at the shopkeeper’s worried expression, she felt a little moved. “Shopkeeper uncle, you’re very good to me. Actually, I was injured catching the rabbit. I’m afraid my father will scold me when I get home and say I’m a noble young miss but act like a wild child. Father always says you can only get hurt on the battlefield, but I’m only a young girl. Shopkeeper uncle, can I stay at your female doctor’s hall today? You can send someone to fetch my mother here to take care of me. And no need to tell my father!”

[“Uncle” here is used to denote familiarity/closeness and not blood-relatedness]

There was only one Hua Barracks. General Hua loved his soldiers but he also had a violent temper. This young Miss Hua could not learn martial arts. General Hua was sad for a time and everyone in the city knew this.

“Okay. You stay here and recuperate. I will let someone notify Madam Hua.”


As the female doctor treated her wounds, Hua Yu Man was thinking how she could get her parents and elder brother to leave Hua Manor for three days. “Are you Hua Yu Kang’s little sister?” A beautiful voice came from the doorway. A pretty woman with a rosy complexion had her hand on the door, uncertain about whether to enter the room.


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