The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 114 Fighting Over

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Stay at her place?

Murong Xue wrinkled her brows and was about to speak when a clear voice shouted, “No!”

Murong Xue turned around and saw Ouyang Shao Chen striding over. His snow white clothing elegant as a butterfly, made his noble temperament more outstanding.

His lips gently quirked as he glanced at Murong Xue. With an unnatural smile on her face, she asked him, “This…why are you here?”

“Of course it is to find you!” Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes were deep. After finishing his business, he returned back to Lingjiang Restaurant to find the room filled with arrow holes.

He also saw the marks Xun Feng left and knew she was okay. He followed the marks and found this place. He understood the whole situation.

“You’re not afraid of catching a cold, standing here wet by the river,” Ouyang Shao Chen said, ill-tempered. He took off his outer robe and covered Murong Xue with it.

She paid no attention. The weather was turning hot and she was half a martial artist. Even if she stood here half a day, much less for awhile, she wouldn’t catch a cold!

Holding the robe, she prepared to return it back to Ouyang Shao Chen when she saw his face. His eyes were like a deep, dark pool, seeming to suck her in!

Her eyes flickered unnaturally. Her hands let go of the robe. The robe was not thick and the wind was picking up. She’ll just wear it…

Deep surprise flashed across Dongfang Li’s eyes when he saw how warm Ouyang Shao Chen was to Murong Xue. So this is Ouyang Shao Chen’s childhood sweetheart. His taste is not bad.

“Ouyang Shizi, I am a patient. This miss is a doctor. There’s nothing wrong with a patient going to a doctor’s house to recover and cure his illness right?” Living under the same roof with Ouyang Shao Chen’s sweetheart would be a very pleasant thing.

Ouyang Shao Chen glanced once at Dongfang Li and said coldly, “Xue’er is a girl. Bringing a young man back to her place in the middle of the night will result in criticism and rumors…”

Dongfang Li narrowed his eyes. A female’s reputation was very important. If he nonchalantly lived at Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor, it would indeed bring her trouble! “Then I will first the elders of Zhen Guo Marquis’ Manor. This way I will be a guest of the Manor and no one will comment…”

“Xue’er’s parents passed away and her brother is at the military camp. The remaining people…Seventh Prince, it’s better if you don’t visit.” He stressed the last words. The hidden meaning caused Dongfang Li to wrinkle his eyebrows.

The nobles had much in-fighting behind closed doors. Her parents died and left her an orphan. Therefore, the other elders would definitely use schemes to take away what’s hers!

This Miss Xue’s relationship with her two elders wasn’t good. He was her patient and didn’t want to have too much involvement with her enemies. But he also didn’t want to be too far away from her. “Is there any empty houses around Zhen Guo Manor?”

“No!” Ouyang Shao Chen looked at him. “The Yang Sheng Road around Zhen Guo Manor is filled with all high officials’ residences. None rent their houses out. Seventh Prince should stay at a hotel…”

Dongfang Li shook his head in disapproval. “The hotel is so far away from Zhen Guo Manor. What if this Prince’s poison acts up?”

“Then you’re out of luck!” Ouyang Shao Chen carelessly said. He hugged Murong Xue’s shoulder and started walking. “The time is getting late. I will send you back.”

Looking at the two’s backs drifting further away, Dongfang Li humphed. He won’t admit he’s out of luck. He will go live near Zhen Guo Manor’s nearest medical clinic. “Huo Tong.”

“Yes.” Huo Tong carefully supported Dongfang Li and chased after Ouyang Shao Chen and Murong Xue.

Murong Xue had a gloomy face and harshly interrogated Ouyang Shao Chen. “That time by the riverside, why did you hurriedly pulled me away? Do you know, because we left so fast, I almost fell into Su Nan Xiang’s trap? I was almost shot [with arrows] and killed by Dongfang Li’s guards?”

“Dongfang Li is cruel and vicious. I didn’t want you to have much involvement with him so I pulled you away. I didn’t think it would benefit Su Nan Xiang…” Ouyang Shao Chen said quietly, his eyes flashing a cold light.

Dongfang Li was vicious? Murong Xue was doubtful. He was poisoned and people were chasing him, to kill him. It looked like others were being vicious to him instead.

“You’ve never been to Xi Liang. You don’t know what he’s like there…Dongfang Li is not a simple person. It’s better to have less contact with him.” Ouyang Shao Chen’s eyes flickered and with a face reluctant to say more, he grabbed Murong Xue and walked faster.

Murong Xue blinked. Dongfang Li’s personality didn’t seem like he was a cruel person! Did Ouyang Shao Chen misunderstand him? She looked up and was about to ask, when she heard fierce fighting sounds.

She wrinkled her brows and helplessly sighed. Yet another assassination. In a short few days, she had already seen many assassination attempts. Was the city not safe or the assassins too arrogant?

She didn’t want to meddle in others’ business, but she must pass the road in front to return to the Manor. “Let’s take a look.”

“Ok.” Ouyang Shao Chen nodded. Holding onto her, they turned a corner.

A luxurious horse-drawn carriage was in the middle of a brightly-lit road. Six or seven corpses wearing guard uniforms were on the ground, around the carriage. More than ten men wearing black, with black masks over their faces, surrounded a man wearing a long indigo robe. A long sword glinted under the light, emitting coldness.

The man did not panic. His sharp eyes glanced over a man in black and coldly asked, “Who sent you?”

“Go ask the King of Hell!” The man in black angrily shouted. The sword in his hand mercilessly stabbed towards the other in all directions.

“Don’t know your own strength.” The man smiled coldly. His hands forcefully pushed out and a loud “peng peng peng” sound was heard. After his palm strike ended, the men in black spat out blood and fell to the ground, dead.

A man in black quietly went to the back of the man and stabbed his sword towards him.

“Be careful!” Murong Xue exclaimed. The silver needle in her hand flew towards and stabbed the man in black’s heart. He spat out blood and fell to the ground.

“Thank you, friend, for your help.” The man turned to see a young man under the light. He was elegant and noble, with an extraordinary temperament. The young woman next to him had a graceful and beautiful figure. Her bright smile was more dazzling than the sun.

The beautiful face from his memory and the woman’s face in front of him were the same. The man’s cold and sharp eyes turned into deep shock. “You…you are…”


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